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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Dynamic

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Description / Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Dynamic

The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Dynamic line is a game changer in the world of fly lines offering you a massive increase in the slickness of the coating over other fly lines on the market.

This enhanced slickness is attributed to the cutting-edge AST Plus technology. Unlike traditional lines, where slickness may diminish over time, this innovative feature is directly integrated into the line's coatings. As a result, it maintains its remarkable slickness for longer duration, allowing for more extended and precise casting. But that's not all. This technology also imparts greater durability to the line, promising a more extended and effective lifespan.

What sets the Amplitude Smooth Dynamic apart is its adaptable taper. Whether you find yourself in open waters, with plenty of space for expansive double hauls, or facing tight quarters necessitating spey casts, this line truly shines. It delivers unparalleled performance and precision, regardless of your surroundings.

Featuring three distinct colours along its length, it simplifies the identification of different parts of the line, making for quick and hassle-free rigging and allowing you to easily identify the loading points of the line. Additionally, welded loops add another layer of convenience, streamlining the process.

The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Dynamic Fly Line is available in a range of line ratings for you to choose from and comes in a floating density.

Key features:
Floating density
AST Plus Technology: Provides long-lasting slickness and durability.
Adaptable Taper: Performs well in open waters and tight spaces.
Colour-coded: Different colours along the length for easy rigging and line identification.
Welded Loops: Convenient for setup.
Available Line Ratings: Various ratings available.

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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Dynamic-WF7
Review by Bryan Elliott
Excellent price for a quality product.

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