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RIO Technical Euro Nymph Line

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Description / RIO Technical Euro Nymph Line

Step into the realm of nymphing finesse with the RIO Technical Euro Nymph Line - a fly line engineered to take your nymphing game to extraordinary heights and increase your catch rate!

Featuring a feather light and ultra-thin design, this line takes sensitivity to a whole new level. Every delicate touch and subtle nuance of your nymphs' movement will be transmitted straight to your fingertips, giving you an unparalleled advantage over even the most elusive trout.

Gone are the days of clunky lines hindering your presentation. The RIO Technical Euro Nymph Line boasts a monofilament core that creates a stiff, slick surface, minimising line sag between your rod guides. The result? Quick feeding and flawless drifts that deceive even the savviest of fish.

But that's not all! This line is designed for seamless nymphing efficiency. The core extends past the front end to serve as an integrated leader, meaning no pesky knots to get entangled in your guides. It's all about smooth, friction-free casting and hassle-free fishing!

Versatility is key in the world of nymphing, and the RIO Technical Euro Nymph Line delivers. With its adaptable, level design, you have the power to customise the line to suit your individual preferences. Simply cut it to the perfect length from the back, and you're ready to conquer any nymphing challenge that comes your way.

Let's talk about strength - with an 18lb core, this line isn't just about sensitivity; it's built to handle the biggest of fish as well. When the moment calls for it, you can rely on lightning-fast hook sets and direct control over your nymphing rig.

Embrace the pink leader, designed for easy visibility and precision nymphing. At .013" in diameter, this super fine leader provides incredible levels of sensitivity.

The RIO Technical Euro Nymph Line is the ultimate companion for any modern nymph angler. With its 80ft coating length, 14ft leader, and 0.023in coating diameter, it exudes excellence and confidence on the water. When nymphing prowess meets cutting-edge design, you're unstoppable!

Key features:
#2-5 line rating
RIO Technical Euro Nymph Line: Elevate your nymphing finesse
Feather light and ultra-thin for unmatched sensitivity
Monofilament core for quick feeding and flawless drifts
Integrated leader for friction-free casting and hassle-free fishing
Adaptable, level design allows for customisation
18lb core for strength and lightning-fast hook sets
Pink leader for easy visibility and precision nymphing
80ft coating length, 14ft leader, and 0.023in coating diameter

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