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RIO Premier Glacial Gold Fly Line

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Description / RIO Premier Glacial Gold Fly Line

As the world transforms into a winter wonderland and frosty waters beckon, it's time to equip yourself with the ultimate weapon against the cold—RIO Glacial Gold Fly Line!

When the temperature drops, typical fly lines crumble under pressure, becoming stiff, brittle, and prone to cracking. But fear not, for the RIO Glacial Gold is here to shatter those limitations! Crafted with our revolutionary PolarFlex coating, this line defies freezing conditions, staying supple, responsive, and easy to handle even in the harshest cold snaps.

Imagine standing on the banks, surrounded by snow, and feeling the thrill of the chase as you target trout and grayling in their icy domains. The RIO Glacial Gold's exceptional performance allows you to explore frozen stillwaters and venture into the depths of winter, casting with confidence as you chase elusive prey beneath the ice.

Designed with RIO's meticulous all-around application taper, the Glacial Gold adapts to a wide range of fishing styles, making it perfect for every winter angling adventure. Whether you're stalking stillwaters, conquering wild rivers, or braving frozen streams, this line delivers unbeatable versatility and control.

The SureFire tri-coloured measuring system ensures precise and accurate casts, guiding your flies with pinpoint precision. Thanks to the front and back welded loops, rigging becomes a breeze.

The RIO Premier Glacial Gold Fly Line is available in a range of weights for you to choose from in our drop down menu and comes in a Frost White / Glacial Green / Ice Blue colouration.

Key features:
Revolutionary PolarFlex coating keeps the line supple, responsive, and easy to handle in the harshest cold snaps.
Suitable for targeting trout and grayling in icy domains, including frozen stillwaters.
Meticulous all-around application taper for versatility and control in various fishing styles.
SureFire tri-coloured measuring system for precise and accurate casts.
Front and back welded loops for easy rigging.
Available in a range of weights in our drop-down menu.
Colouration: Frost White / Glacial Green / Ice Blue.

Size Chart

Weight Type Head Length Length
WF4 Floating 46ft 90ft
WF5 Floating 47ft 90ft
WF6 Floating 48ft 90ft
WF7 Floating 49ft 90ft
WF8 Floating 50ft 90ft

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