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RIO Premier Creek Fly Line

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Description / RIO Premier Creek Fly Line

Introducing RIO's Premier Creek Fly Line! A game-changer designed for the angler targeting wary trout on small streams and rivers!

Delicately crafted to load at close range, this line is your ultimate tool for conquering small creeks, streams, and brooks with unrivalled finesse. Nymphs, dries, and small streamers—no matter your fly of choice, the Creek Fly Line delivers precision and power like never before.

Say goodbye to tangles and frustrations! RIO's Creek Line boasts a supple coldwater core, ensuring smooth and tangle-free performance every time you cast.

The Creek Fly Line's perfect blend of body and head length empowers you to make those short, effortless casts of 10 to 15 feet, while still having the reach for those rare moments when a longer cast is called for.

And here's the best part: RIO's proprietary SlickCast coating, the slickest and most durable in the market, ensures that your line glides through the guides with ease. No more line memory or resistance—just pure casting pleasure.

Experience the magic of MaxFloat Tip Technology—the line's tip coating formula that defies gravity. It floats higher than any regular line tip, without any increase in diameter. Subtle yet essential, it keeps your presentation on point, just where you want it to be.

With DualTone and EasyID features, you'll easily identify and harness the sweet spot of your line, while the front and back welded loops make rigging a breeze.

The RIO Premier Creek Fly Line is available in a range of line sizes for you to choose from and comes in a Green/Yellow colouration.

Key features:
Delicately crafted to load at close range, offering finesse and precision.
Suitable for nymphs, dries, and small streamers.
Supple coldwater core ensures smooth and tangle-free performance.
Perfect blend of body and head length for short and effortless casts of 10 to 15 feet.
RIO's SlickCast coating provides the slickest and most durable surface, reducing line memory and resistance.
MaxFloat Tip Technology keeps the line tip floating higher than regular lines, maintaining precise presentation.
DualTone and EasyID features for easy line identification and sweet spot casting.
Front and back welded loops for convenient rigging.
Available in a range of line sizes in our drop-down menu.
Colouration: Green/Yellow.

Size Chart

Weight Type Head Length Length Head Weight
WF0 Floating 30ft 65ft 66gr
WF1 Floating 30ft 65ft 80gr
WF2 Floating 30ft 65ft 100gr
WF3 Floating 30ft 75ft 120gr
WF4 Floating 30ft 75ft 140gr
WF5 Floating 30ft 80ft 160gr

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