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RIO Elite Scandi Outbound Hover

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Description / RIO Elite Scandi Outbound Hover

Introducing the RIO Elite Scandi OutBound Hover, a revolutionary Scandi line that combines the UK's top-selling Scandi design with RIO's groundbreaking SlickCast technology. This winning combination redefines Spey casting, offering anglers the slickest and highest-performing Scandi line available today.

The Elite Scandi OutBound features the same superb tapers as the iconic RIO Scandi/AFS Heads. Designed for ease of casting and quick loading, this short-bellied, integrated line suits anglers of all skill levels. It excels in tight casting scenarios, making it a versatile choice for various fishing environments.

Effortless, efficient spey casts are the hallmark of the Elite Scandi OutBound. Its rear-loaded weight distribution ensures that energy is efficiently transferred through the line, leading to powerful, accurate casts.

This line boasts a long front taper that unrolls with remarkable efficiency and power. Whether you're making precise presentations or casting at distance, the Elite Scandi OutBound performs with finesse.

For optimal performance, the Loading Point marker guides you on achieving the perfect load for your cast, enhancing your casting experience.

RIO's SlickCast technology delivers a game-changing fly line coating. It is the slickest, most durable coating available, significantly reducing friction. This reduced friction allows the line to glide effortlessly through your rod guides, resulting in extended casting distances and increased line longevity.

The SlickCast coating offers exceptional durability, boasting a coating that's 140% tougher than the next best technology. This durability ensures that your line will last longer and withstand the rigours of demanding fishing conditions.

Enjoy 33% more fishing time with the Elite Scandi OutBound compared to other technologies. Spend less time dealing with line friction and more time focusing on your casts and hook sets.

Built with RIO's Low Stretch ConnectCore Plus, this line offers superior control, performance, and smoothness. The low-stretch core enhances line sensitivity, enabling you to detect subtle takes and react quickly for effective hook sets.

The Hover variation is back by popular demand and proves to be a reliable fish catcher. It excels in heavy water flows and lower temperatures, allowing the line to dig in and slow down the fly or achieve extra depth.

Identify your line with ease, thanks to the line identifier markings. These markings simplify setup and ensure you're always using the right line.

The RIO Elite Scandi Outbound Hover Fly Line is a must have in any salmon anglers tackle bag and comes in a range of line ratings for you to choose from in our drop down menu. Each line comes in an Olive/Orange/Straw colouration.

Key Features:
Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast
Lowest friction available on any fly line
140% tougher coating than the next best technology
33% more fishing time than the next best technology
Hover variation
Rear loaded weight distribution for effortless, efficient Spey casts
Long front taper that unrolls with great efficiency and power
Loading Point marker shows how to get the very best load out of the line
Low Stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in control, performance and smoothness
Use RIO Versileaders for increased depth control
Easy Line Identifier Markings

RIO Medium Versileader – Scandi lines #8 and below

RIO Heavy Versileader – Scandi lines #9 and above

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