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PikePro Pro Trace

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Description / PikePro Pro Trace

Introducing the PikePro Pro Trace – a revolution in trace design that brings flexibility and adaptability to a whole new level. Ever found yourself wishing for the ability to change hooks on your trace effortlessly or add a Bait Popper on the go. Look no further; PikePro has got the answer.

Designed with the mobile angler in mind, the PikePro Pro Trace lets you carry fewer traces while offering a myriad of rigging options. Perfect for those long walks where every ounce counts, this trace provides unmatched flexibility, allowing you to customise your setup with ease. Need a different hook size on the top and bottom? No problem. Want to convert it into a lure trace in a flash? You've got it. The PikePro Pro Trace covers all bases in one, ensuring you're ready for whatever the water throws your way.

Crafted with PikePro's signature 49-strand 40lb trace wire, these traces boast superior flexibility and longevity. The dense wire sits closer to the lake bed, enhancing presentation and increasing your chances of a successful take. The incorporation of split rings not only facilitates quick changes but also introduces extra movement, resulting in improved hook holds – a game-changer, especially when using smaller hooks.

Each pack includes the main 49-strand, 40lb trace with an XS split ring, 2x Extra Strong semi-barbed treble hooks, a hook link with an XS split ring, and a rigged Bait Popper. Tested and refined over two winters of pike fishing, the PikePro Pro Trace is not just a trace; it's a tool that delivers advantages, adaptability, and exceptional value for the discerning angler.

The PikePro Pro Trace is available in various sizes for you to choose from in our drop down menu.

Key features:
Versatile Rigging: Easily change hooks or add Bait Poppers on the go.
Mobile-Friendly: Reduces traces, perfect for on-the-go anglers.
Customisable: Adaptable for different hooks and lure traces.
High-Quality Build: PikePro's 49-strand 40lb wire for flexibility and longevity.
Effective Hooking: Split rings for quick changes and added movement.
Comprehensive Package: Main trace, XS split ring, 2x Extra Strong treble hooks, hook link with XS split ring, and rigged Bait Popper.
Proven Performance: Tested over two pike fishing winters, ensuring adaptability and value.

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