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Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers

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Description / Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers

Introducing the Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers, superior in quality and perfect for the angler tying delicate dry flies or cloaking nymphs.

Experience the epitome of buoyancy with Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers. These feathers are the best that can be sourced and offer unmatched buoyancy, making them the perfect choice for tying dry flies that effortlessly float on the water's surface. Your dry flies will ride high, mimicking the natural appearance of insects and enticing even the most selective of fish.

The semi-translucent nature of these feathers imparts a lifelike quality to your creations. Flies tied with CDC exhibit a natural appearance that surpasses those tied with more opaque materials, making them irresistible to discerning fish.

When cast, the CDC collapses, but as your fly descends to the water, it gracefully expands, acting as a parachute. This unique feature not only simplifies casting but also ensures a delicate fly presentation that entices even the most wary fish.

Witness the lifelike movement of CDC feathers underwater. Every filament pulsates with life, even in the gentlest flow or on the slowest retrieve. The highly hydrodynamic nature of CDC feathers ensures that your flies move convincingly in the water, attracting attention and triggering strikes.

Experience the advantage of real fly tissue mimicry when a fish takes a CDC fly into its mouth. The soft and foldable nature of CDC feathers ensures that fish are more likely to accept CDC flies readily. They mimic the texture of natural prey, and as a result, fish are slower to reject them compared to flies made of stiffer synthetic materials.

The Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers are available in a range of colours for you to choose from in our drop down menu and each pack contains 1 gram of feathers.

Key features:
Perfect for tying dry flies or cloaking nymphs
Extremely mobile fibre
Various impressive colours available
1 gram of feathers per pack

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