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Korda Dark Matter Braid

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Description / Korda Dark Matter Braid

Introducing the Korda Dark Matter Braid, the ultimate solution for anglers seeking a fast-sinking hook link braid that delivers exceptional performance on the water. With its unique features and versatility, this braid is sure to take your fishing to new heights.

Crafted with a combination of super-supple and super-heavy materials, the Dark Matter Braid offers the perfect balance of flexibility and strength. Its tough fibre filaments are tightly woven, resulting in a hook link that is both supple and tough. This ensures it can withstand the rigours of fishing while maintaining the required sensitivity to detect even the most delicate of bites.

The clever banded-camou finish of the Dark Matter Braid is designed to seamlessly blend in with most lake beds. This ensures that your rig remains discreet and avoids detection from wary fish. The natural and subtle camo pattern helps to create a highly effective presentation that increases your chances of fooling even the most cautious specimens.

One of the standout features of the Dark Matter Braid is its excellent sinking properties. It has been meticulously engineered to sink rapidly, hugging the contours of the lake bed with precision. This allows for maximum subtlety and ensures that your rig remains inconspicuous, ultimately increasing your chances of enticing those elusive fish.

Dark Matter Braid is incredibly versatile and lends itself to a variety of rig setups. Whether you prefer solid-bag presentations, the Slip-D rig, Darrell Peck's simple bottom bait rig, or combi rigs, this braid will deliver exceptional performance. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in your fishing arsenal, allowing you to experiment with different approaches and techniques.

Furthermore, the Dark Matter Braid is a perfect companion for solid PVA bags. Its fast-sinking nature and reliable strength make it an ideal choice for use with this popular presentation method. Whether you're targeting carp or other species, the Dark Matter Braid will enhance your solid PVA bag setup, improving your chances of success.

Choose the Korda Dark Matter Braid for its superb sinking ability, clever banded-camou finish, and unrivalled versatility. Experience the confidence of using a hook link that blends seamlessly, sinks rapidly, and delivers exceptional performance. With Dark Matter Braid in your tackle box, you'll be equipped to tackle any fishing situation with ease and precision.
Key features:

25lb breaking strain
Korda Dark Matter Braid is a fast-sinking hook link braid for exceptional performance
Crafted with a combination of super-supple and super-heavy materials
Offers a balance of flexibility and strength for durability and sensitivity
Banded-camou finish seamlessly blends with most lake beds
Discreet presentation to avoid detection from wary fish
Excellent sinking properties for maximum subtlety and inconspicuous rig
Versatile and suitable for various rig setups and techniques
Ideal for solid PVA bag presentations and other popular methods
Enhances solid PVA bag setups for improved success
Reliable strength and fast sinking for effective use in different fishing situations
Elevates your fishing experience with its sinking ability, camo finish, and versatility
A valuable asset in your tackle box for confident and precise fishing

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