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Jaxon Predator Traces

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Description / Jaxon Predator Traces

Experience the ultimate in predator fishing performance with Jaxon Predator Traces. These traces are specifically designed to meet the demands of avid anglers targeting pike and other large predatory fish.

Crafted from high-quality micro tungsten braid, these traces offer superior strength and durability while maintaining a remarkably supple and flexible nature. This unique combination allows for delicate presentations, enticing even the most cautious predators into striking. With Jaxon Predator Traces, you can confidently present your bait or lure in a lifelike manner, increasing your chances of success.

Whether you're using live bait or heavy wobblers, Jaxon Predator Traces have you covered. The micro tungsten braid provides exceptional strength, making them ideal for handling the aggressive strikes and powerful fights that come with targeting big predators. These traces are specifically designed to be used with lures like heavy wobblers, ensuring they won't let you down when battling with large fish.

In addition to their impressive strength and supple nature, Jaxon Predator Traces also feature a reliable leader design. This leader ensures optimal control and allows for precise lure manipulation, making it perfect for jerkbait fishing. With the Jaxon Predator Traces, you'll have the confidence to work your jerkbaits with precision and attract predators with enticing movements.

Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, Jaxon Predator Traces are a must-have in your tackle box. With their micro tungsten braid construction, they offer the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and delicacy for targeting pike and other predatory fish. These traces provide you with the confidence to present your bait or lure effectively, increasing your chances of landing that trophy fish.

Upgrade your predator fishing game with Jaxon Predator Traces and discover the power of micro tungsten braid. Trust in the quality and innovation of Jaxon to deliver exceptional performance and help you achieve your angling goals. Get ready to experience the thrill of battling big predators with the ultimate trace solution.

Key features:
Available in a range of sizes
2 traces per pack
Crafted from high-quality micro tungsten braid
Superior strength and durability
Supple and flexible for delicate presentations
Suitable for live bait and heavy wobblers
Reliable leader design for optimal control and lure manipulation
Perfect for jerkbait fishing
Ideal for targeting pike and other predatory fish
Must-have in your tackle box for predator fishing

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