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Frog Hair Fluorocarbon

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Description / Frog Hair Fluorocarbon

Introducing Frog Hair Fluorocarbon, a high quality premium tippet material that provides incredible presentation helping to increase your catch rate. This tippet is the perfect option for the avid trout angler whether you are fishing loch-style or fishing crystal clear stretches of river.

Frog Hair Fluorocarbon is engineered with ultra-high molecular weight PVDF fluorocarbon. This premium material possesses exceptional refractive qualities, rendering it nearly invisible underwater. This ensures that your flies are presented naturally and fish are not put off by your thicker visible leader material.

What sets Frog Hair Fluorocarbon apart is its remarkable suppleness. Unlike other fluorocarbon lines on the market, Frog Hair offers up to 2 times the suppleness. This added flexibility is a game-changer, allowing your line to move naturally in the water, this makes it a great choice for fishing dry flies.

Knot strength is paramount with any leader material. Frog Hair Fluorocarbon rises to the occasion with superior knot strength. Tie your favourite knots with confidence, knowing that your line is up to the challenge and won’t let you down under pressure.

Featuring exceptional abrasion resistance, this line can withstand the harshest underwater environments. This prevents you from worrying when fish around underwater structures and when playing fish on rocky rivers and streams.

This versatile fluorocarbon is perfectly at home when presenting small nymphs and buzzers and in the heavier breaking strains is ideal for pulling larger flies.

The Frog Hair Fluorocarbon is available in a range of spool sizes and breaking strains for you to choose from in our drop down menus.

Key features:
Premium trout tippet material, perfect for various fishing styles.
Ultra-high molecular weight PVDF fluorocarbon for near invisibility underwater.
Up to 2x more supple than competitors, ideal for natural fly movement.
Superior knot strength for dependable ties.
Excellent abrasion resistance, suitable for tough underwater environments.
Available in various sizes and breaking strains.

Size Chart

Breaking Strain Size Diameter Length
4.4lb/2kg 5X 0.006" (0.152 mm) 27.3 yds (25 M)
6.6lb/3kg 4X 0.007" (0.178 mm) 27.3 yds (25 M)
8.8lb/4kg 3X 0.008" (0.203 mm) 27.3 yds (25 M)
10lb/4.5kg 2X 0.009" (0.223 mm) 27.3 yds (25 M)
6.6lb/3kg 4X 0.007" (0.178 mm) 109.4 yds (100 M)
8.8lb/4kg 3X 0.008" (0.203 mm) 109.4 yds (100 M)

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