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Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Fast Pack Mixed Colours

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Description / Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Fast Pack Mixed Colours

Dive into the world of finesse fishing like never before with the Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Fast Pack Mixed Colours, a revolutionary assortment that introduces four captivating new colours to elevate your angling experience.

The Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Fast Pack takes finesse fishing to unparalleled heights with its perfectly crafted dimensions. These micro wonders deliver a lifelike presentation that triggers the predatory instincts of perch, zander, and other finicky predatory species.

Introducing UV Red Wake, a vibrant colour that demands attention in any fishing scenario. The UV properties of this hue ensure heightened visibility, making it a potent choice for murky waters, low-light conditions, or when you simply want to stand out from the crowd.

Hot Olive makes a sizzling entrance into the Micro Tiddler line-up, offering a unique and attractive colour option. The UV enhancements give Hot Olive a dynamic presence underwater, making it an excellent choice for imitating a variety of baitfish species.

Chartreuse Ayu joins the ranks with its bold and brilliant appearance. This colour is designed to be highly visible and attractive to predators. The UV elements enhance its allure, making Chartreuse Ayu a go-to option when you need to captivate fish in clear water or during bright daylight conditions.

Wakasagi, a natural and realistic UV colour, adds an element of elegance to the Micro Tiddler Fast Pack. This colour mimics the appearance of a baitfish fish with precision, making it an irresistible choice for predators that prefer subtle, natural presentations. Experience finesse fishing with a touch of sophistication using UV Wakasagi.

The Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Fast Pack doesn't just offer variety; it delivers abundance. With two lures of each colour in the pack, you have the freedom to experiment with colour combinations, adapt to changing conditions, and maximise your chances of enticing those elusive strikes.

The Fox Rage Micro Tiddler Fast Pack Mixed Colours is available in one option only and the pack contains 8 lures.

Key features:
4 new colours: UV Red Wake, UV Hot Olive, UV Chartreuse Ayu and UV Wakasagi
2 of each colour in pack
8 lures per pack
Ultra mobile soft lures
Perfect for targeting perch

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