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Fox Edges Power Grip Lead Clip Kit

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Description / Fox Edges Power Grip Lead Clip Kit

With modern carp rigs, rig safety is paramount. Ensuring that a carp is not trailing a heavy lead around in the unfortunate instance of a crack off is vitally important.

Carp anglers put so much emphasis on fish safety that all rigs are now designed to release the lead if they encounter any resistance or snagging when playing a fish. This has a few advantages, a hooked fish without a lead usually comes up higher in the water column during the fight reducing the chance of them getting caught up in weed and sitting debris, and without a heavy lead bouncing around near a fishes mouth during the fight it can help drastically reduce hook pulls.

The Fox Edges Power Grip lead kit gives you everything you need to create the perfect lead clip set up for a bolt rig!

The kit itself is supplied with: fox edges lead clip, which comes with T pegs for attaching to the swivel, this ensures the lead clip stays located in position and doesn’t slide off the swivel accidentally. The Fox Edge power grip tail rubbers give a firm grip on the arm of the lead clip but can still eject easily in the event of a snagged fish. The Fox Edges lead clip kit also come with two types of fox swivels to fit the lead clip, the first is a standard size 11 swivel, the second is a size 11 Kwik change swivel to allow you to easily and quickly change rigs. The set up is completed by the addition of the edges anti angle sleeves, these can be threaded onto your rig then pushed over the eye of the swivel once attached to help prevent tangles on the cast and kick your rig away from the lead on the lakebed.

All components are finished in Fox’s trans khaki camouflage to seamlessly blend into most lake beds, keeping your end tackle camouflaged from wary fish

Once set up simply slide your lead onto the arm of the lead clip and push the tail rubber on behind it, (always moisten first)

By only just pushing the tail rubber on to the lead clip arm the lead will eject easily when a fish takes. This can have a number of advantages, especially in weedy or snaggy swims!

The power grip tail rubber can also be pushed further onto the lead clip giving a more secure grip. This is useful when fishing open and snag-free water. The firmer grip is perfect for when using heavier leads or PVA bags on the hook, normal tail rubbers can push off when impacting the water in these circumstances meaning you lose your lead. The power grip tail rubbers will stay firmly in place but still have the ability to easily eject the lead in the event of a fish snagging up in weed.

Power Grip Tail Rubbers
Size 7 Lead Clips with T pegs
Standard Anti Tangle Sleeves
Supplied with standard size 7 swivels and size 7 Kwik Change Swivels

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