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Flybox Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet

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Description / Flybox Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet

Introducing Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet, a mesmerizing fly tying material that will add vibrancy and allure to your patterns. Designed with precision, this glossy flash material is a game-changer for fly tyers seeking to create eye-catching and effective flies.

Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet features ultra-fine fibres with a width of 1/69" (0.35 mm). These thin and delicate fibres create a lifelike appearance, mimicking the natural movement and profile of baitfish or insects. With 300 strands per pack, you'll have an abundant supply to work with, allowing for multiple fly creations.

Crafted from high-quality synthetic materials, Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet ensures durability and flexibility. The slender fibres are incredibly mobile adding plenty of life to your patterns.

Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet excels in its ability to enhance visibility and attract fish. The UV properties incorporated into the material make your flies more visible, even in challenging lighting conditions. This increased visibility ensures that your patterns stand out and grab the attention of fish near by, increasing your chances of success on the water.

The versatility of Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet allows for various applications in fly tying. Whether you're creating wings, tails, bodies, or thoraxes, this material provides endless possibilities.

Whether you're tying trout, salmon or even saltwater patterns, Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet is a valuable addition to your fly tying arsenal. Its ability to create lifelike movement and visibility makes it highly effective in enticing strikes from a wide range of fish species. With Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet, your flies will have that extra edge to entice even the most finicky of fish.

In summary, Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet is a fly tying material that offers ultra-fine fibres, abundant strands per pack, and enhanced visibility through UV properties. With its slender fibres, durability, and flexibility, this material allows you to create lifelike and captivating fly patterns. Elevate your fly tying creations with Textreme Glossy Flash Ultraviolet and witness the irresistible allure it brings to your flies.

Key features:
Mesmerising fly tying material
Adds vibrancy and allure to patterns
Features ultra-fine fibres with a width of 1/69" (0.35 mm)
300 strands per pack for multiple fly creations
Crafted from high-quality synthetic materials
Ensures durability and flexibility
Enhances visibility and attracts fish
UV properties make flies more visible
Increases chances of success in challenging lighting conditions
Versatile for various applications in fly tying
Can be used for wings, tails, bodies, and thoraxes
Suitable for trout, salmon, and saltwater patterns
Gives your flies an extra edge to entice even finicky fish

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