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C&F Design Universal System Trout Guide Box

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Description / C&F Design Universal System Trout Guide Box

Introducing the C&F Design Trout Guide Boat Box, the ultimate fly box for housing your full fly collection and keeping them safe and in top condition.

These super high quality fly boxes have been made from an incredibly tough and durable plastic ensuring these boxes will last you a lifetime and ensuring your flies are fully protected. The Trout Guide Box features C&F’s signature silicone gasket seal which prevents moisture from entering the case preventing your flies from being water damaged.

Designed with an ergonomic round shape and a corrugated surface for comfortable carrying and easy gripping even with cold/wet hands. The large buckles make it easy to open and close the box even with your non dominant hand giving you more time to concentrate on what matters most catching fish.

This box incorporates C&F’s system foam design which allows you to change the configuration of the pads within and remove them and utilise them with other products within the range. The unique design allows you to select patches of flies for your days fishing and pop them into a more compact system box.

With the box is 12 removable system foam patches with 3 streamer, 3 attractors, 3 standard and 3 midge styles to accommodate the various fly patterns you may require when out on the water.

The C&F Design Trout Guide Boat Box is available in one size only and comes in a black colouration.

High quality tough durable plastic design
Silicone gasket seal
Ergonomic round shape
Corrugated surface
Large buckles for open and closing
System foam design
12 removable foam patches
3 x streamer foam patches
3 x attractor foam patches
3x standard foam patches
3x midge foam patches

C&F Universal System Technology

The C&F Universal System Foam design is a unique system that allows you to inter change the foam inserts within your box with other fly boxes within the range. These system pads come in a range of sizes and styles to suit various sizes of fly patterns from larger saltwater patterns to the smallest of nymphs. The Universal System boxes are ideal for the angler who is looking to customise their box for each individual fishing trip allowing you to take only the essentials patterns required. Please click here to view our full range of C&F Universal System products.

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