Airflo Forty Plus Extreme Fly Line
R40-WF7SI-TOSR New 053163546021 44.99
R40-WF8SI-TOSR New 053163546038 44.99
R40-WF9SI-TOSR New 053163546045 44.99
R40-WF6FI-TGSR New 053163551919 44.99
R40-WF7FI-TGSR New 053163551926 44.99
R40-WF8FI-TGSR New 053163551933 44.99
R40-WF9FI-TGSR New 053163551940 44.99
R40-WF6S3-DGSR New 053163546113 44.99
R40-WF7S3-DGSR New 053163546120 44.99
R40-WF8S3-DGSR New 053163546137 44.99
R40-WF9S3-DGSR New 053163546144 44.99
R40-WF6S5-DBSR New 053163546151 44.99
R40-WF7S5-DBSR New 053163546168 44.99
R40-WF8S5-DBSR New 053163546175 44.99
R40-WF9S5-DBSR New 053163546182 44.99
R40-WF6S7-BKSR New 053163546199 44.99
R40-WF7S7-BKSR New 053163546205 44.99
R40-WF8S7-BKSR New 053163546212 44.99
R40-WF9S7-BKSR New 053163546229 44.99
SD40-WF5F-IVSR New 053163695156 44.99
SD40-WF6F-IVSR New 053163695163 44.99
SD40-WF7F-IVSR New 053163695170 44.99
SD40-WF8F-IVSR New 053163695187 44.99
SD40-WF9F-IVSR New 053163695194 44.99
SD40-WF6F/I-IVSR New 053163695200 44.99
SD40-WF7F/I-IVSR New 053163695217 44.99
SD40-WF8F/I-IVSR New 053163695224 44.99
SD40-WF9F/I-IVSR New 053163692483 44.99
CL40-WF7FI New 053163764845 44.99
CL40-WF8FI New 053163764852 44.99
R40-WF7MI-TTSR New 053163695545 44.99
R40-WF8MI-TTSR New 053163695552 44.99

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Ask any fly fisher what element of their fishing they’d most like to improve and most would say they’d like to cast further - Enter the Forty Plus.

With its easy loading 35’ head and low diameter running line, you’ll soon be reaching for the horizon.

New for 2014 Airflo have incorporated their Super-Dri technology into their Floating and 3ft Mini Tip Forty Plus Lines.

SuperDri is a new material that repels water, dirt and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines. It all but eliminates friction, adding distance to your cast. At the same time the new material optimises line floatation.

Enhanced with Airflo's ridged running line, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible. Power Core as standard, and you’ll need it to help set hooks at the increased distance you’ll be fishing! Doubles as an excellent switch casting line in confined spaces.

Please note, the fly line depicted in the photograph, is displaying the Floating - Ivory Sunshine coloured line.
To see the colours of each type of line, please see the list below.

Available in the following types:
Floating - Ivory / Sunrise
3ft Mini Tip - Ivory / Sunrise
Slow Intermediate - Translucent Olive / Sunrise - 0.5 inches per sec
Medium Intermediate - Translucent Tan / Sunrise - 1 inches per sec
Fast Intermediate - Translucent Green / Sunrise - 1.5 inches per sec
Clear Intermediate - Clear - 1.5 inches per sec
DI3 - Dark Green / Sunrise - 3 inches per sec
DI5 - Blue / Sunrise - 5 inches per sec
DI7 - Black / Sunrise - 7 inches per sec
Product Video

Product Video

Size Charts
Type Total Length Tip Front Belly Rear Running Line
Shooting Head 123ft 1ft 18ft 16ft 4ft 87ft

Additional Information

Brand Airflo
Stock Location U
Colour No

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Reviews for this product
Forty plus
Superb quality line, with a 35 ft head this line is easy to cast, smooth joints with low diameter running line, makes this a treat to cast, I would highly recommend this and the other forty plus lines in the range, price range is good for this quality line which will definitely add distance to your cast. Review by GWD (Created 11/09/2016)
fantastic line for loch style Review by robross79 (Created 16/06/2016)
Good line
Lovely profile, really shoots out and covers the distance Review by Allan (Created 19/05/2016)
Nice Product when distance is needed
Not as easy to handle within short distance as I thought, however, the purpose is long-distance, which becomes clear shooting this line a few times.
Perfect service – fast and cheap international delivery!
Review by Jan (Created 02/05/2016)
Excellent service
Easy to use website and great service. Parcel arrived next day. Quality product Review by Brenzo (Created 20/01/2016)
From Order to Delivery 19 Hours
Fantastic service and easy site to use. Have purchased it to replace my 30 year old intermediate line. Will put it to use next week. Review by Bob (Created 21/10/2015)
Fantastic product and service!!
I bought the Airflo Di5 Forty Plus Extreme Fly Line and i must say it has been brilliant!! The service i received from Angling Active was also first class, Highly Recommended!! Review by Andy (Created 07/05/2015)
super dinking line
Great didtance sinking line . excellent service . Review by marty (Created 19/03/2015)
Further to my last submission
I forgot to add the 5 star rating that this product truly deserves!!!! Review by Chris R (Created 08/01/2015)
At last a solution to my casting problems
I was badly injured in a motorbike smash a couple of years ago, I lost 40% use of my shoulder, this amazing product has finally given me the chance to hit the 40 yard mark with relative ease... More than that it goes where I aim it, turn over is great and there is little tear off the surface either.. All in all a great bit of kit!!!! Review by Chris R (Created 08/01/2015)
great line
never used 40+ before, wish I had, really gets out there, just need to check it to get a good turn over with a longish leader. Review by geoffg (Created 30/07/2014)
Pleased with my purchase
I left this review until I had tried it. Tacked up with it first thing, to try a couple of hours, ended up using it all day. I did get a extra distance as against my more expensive line. I found it heaver to cast due no doubt to the extra forward weight but that was not a problem, Towards the end of the day part of the line would sink but after a couple of false casts it was cured and floated. Very pleased with the service. Review by Bex (Created 17/04/2014)
Great product at the best price with service you could not fault Review by WIld Rover (Created 14/04/2014)
bought line for a friend already have 1 very impressive casting line
already have a selection of airflow line all excellent Review by simon purves (Created 26/02/2014)
good product and excellent service from angling active. Review by chalkey (Created 25/02/2014)
could you ask for more!
The line is great , it came in double quick time, Service excellent, need I say more. Oh yes now all I need are the fish, I expect that is down to me.

Review by oldman (Created 19/02/2014)
What is says on the tin!
Tried lots of lines, and companies , as you do. After watching Hywell Morgan video of his first try with this line, and his undeniable reaction , I thought why not give item a go.
Suitably impressed not only with the product but the excellent service from Angling Active too.
Review by Thaumaturge Polymath (Created 08/09/2013)
what a line
compared to the old lines ,lot easyer to cast . a bit of memroy at first but after few cast it was gone on the floater- no memory on the slow inter Review by simon purves (Created 26/06/2011)

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