Sea Fishing Floats

Floats are commonly used when sea fishing with bait and targeting species such as pollock, mackerel or wrasse. Sea fishing floats are often large, buoyant floats that make them easy to see when fishing in waves or choppy conditions often found around the coast. A weight is used to set the float and sink the bait down to the desired depth and a stop knot or stopper on the line fixes the float at the chosen depth.
Baits can be suspended beneath the float mid water or can be fished close to the bottom, this often depends on the species being targeted. Floats can have an advantage over traditional ledger tactics, especially around rocky or snaggy ground, as the bait can be set near to the bottom but shallow enough that the hook and weight never come into contact with the rocks and snags. Float rigs can also be cast out and allowed to drift, covering more water than traditional ledger rigs.

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