Sea Fishing Pirk Lures

Pirks are used for downtiding from a boat when fishing for predatory fish such as cod, pollock, ling or bass. Pirks are designed to imitate a prey fish and are often shaped to add movement to the pirk when it is jigged through the water. The pirk can either be fished on its own or can be added to the bottom of a string of feathers or lures in place of the weight to give increased attraction.
The pirk is lowered over the side of the boat, often down to the bottom, where the angler then raises and lowers the rod causing the pirk to flutter and flash in the water drawing the attention of predatory fish. Larger, heavier pirks are used in deeper water or when the tide is flowing hard. Lighter pirks are ideal for shallow water or on slow drifts as they give more flutter and a longer hang time on the drop.

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  1. Savage Gear Surf Seeker
    from £5.99 RRP £7.49 Save £1.50
  2. Dennett Super Sprat Sea Lure 5 Pack
    Special Price £12.99 RRP £13.99 Save £1
  3. Fladen Fishing Rockbuddy Micro LRF Shore Jig
    £2.25 RRP £2.50 Save £0.25
  4. Tronixpro Chrome Bar Pirk
    from £3.99 RRP £4.25 Save £0.26
  5. Ron Thompson Herring Master
    from £2.97 RRP £4.99 Save £2.02
  6. Hart Bony Saltwater Jig
    from £5.99 RRP £6.59 Save £0.60
  7. Ron Thompson Jigg Master
    from £2.27 RRP £2.49 Save £0.22
  8. Abu Garcia Kystsilda
    from £6.99 RRP £7.49 Save £0.50
  9. Abu Garcia Coast Lures
    from £5.99 RRP £6.39 Save £0.40
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