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Scierra Big Fly II Line

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Description / Scierra Big Fly II Line

The Scierra Big Fly II Line is optimised to easily handle and cast big flies out with precision and accuracy for hunting those big predators!

These fly lines are forward weighted for carrying big and heavy flies. The shorter front tapered design helps turn over bigger flies easily without compromising loop control or presentation.

Each line includes a front and rear welded loop for quick and easy rigging. There is also laser printed indication tags on the lines to allow you to conveniently identify your line with a single glance.

The Scierra Big Fly II Line offers excellent value for money and is available in various types for you to choose from our drop down menu.

Ideal for casting bigger flies
Forward weighted, short front taper
Welded loops in both ends
Laser printed indication

Size Chart

Type Weight Length Head Length Colour
Floating WF9 30.5m 11.3m White/Chartreuse
Floating WF10 30.5m 11.3m White/Chartreuse
Float/Sink3 WF8 30.5m 11.3m White/Dark Green
Float/Sink3 WF9 30.5m 11.3m White/Dark Green
Float/Sink3 WF10 30.5m 11.3m White/Dark Green
Sink3 WF8 30.5m 11.3m Dark Green
Sink3 WF9 30.5m 11.3m Dark Green
Sink3 WF10 30.5m 11.3m Dark Green

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Customer Reviews

Star Rating
Casts nicely, shoots far
Review by George
I got this line as a WF10 sink tip, and it works perfectly nicely from the dry casts I've managed (I got this for pike, but recent heatwaves have kept me away from targeting them on the water). It's supple and shoots through the guides well, has a colour change between the head and running line, and turns over my bulky stand-in for a pike fly easily. With my single-hand 9ft 10wt and relatively inexperienced casting technique, I can average around a 50ft cast on grass.
Star Rating
Great product.
Review by Toby
Bought this as it was cheaper than the other fly lines for pike fishing. The different coloured head and running line is very helpful especially when it starts to get darker. The fly line turns over big flies with ease and casts them a lot further than other lines.
Star Rating
Review by David
This is a great line,much better than the a/flo 40+in my opinion. Casts well straight out of the box, good sink rate, very slick.
Star Rating
Great product .
Review by Derek
I was pleasantly surprised with this line . I bought the 10 weight floater and thought it would suffer , as much cheaper than some of the other lines on offer . I'm adding the float/S3 this weekend as the floater really is superb . Lovely and supple with loops preformed front and back and a colour change between the head and running line . The line turns over 7-8 inch big Pike streamers and tubes with consummate ease . Highly recommended especially for the price . You can get 3 for the price of one of the other brands lines .

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