Scientific Anglers UST Shooting Head
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The Scientific Anglers UST Shooting Head is available in a wide range of single, double and multi-density models to suit different fishing scenarios and has textured surface design for reduced friction in the water and effortless pick-ups for sinking lines. This line system is truly designed by anglers for anglers and the 'UST' abbreviation found in the name of this line stands for Ultimate Scandi Taper.

Each line in this range is designed with a Scientific Anglers Shooting Texture that creates accurate hemispherical divots throughout the line, similar to those found on a golf ball’s surface. This texturing technology creates minimal texture on the surface so it feels like a traditional fly line but performs with the benefits of texturing. This gives the lines amazing durability, let’s them float higher and cast much easier.

Built into each line is the Advanced Shooting Technology which provides continual line slickness, allowing the line to shoot farther as it moves through the guides. The line will also easily shed dirt, algae and other parasitic drag particles, letting them be cast out farther, float higher and also stay cleaner than traditional lines.

The taper designs on each line features most of the weight located At the back of the head with shorter rear tapers for easier loading and the long front tapers assist in delivering flies at a distance and in windy weather conditions.

Below is a break-down of each line density in the series:

The single-density UST Floating head is the best choice of line for fishing on or near the surface. Highly versatile and best used for streamers and big flies.

The triple-density UST Floating/Hover/Intermediate produces a higher fly speed, but sinks the fly just below the surface, perfect for low-water conditions or skittish fish. You can easily stay in control of how fast the fly moves by mending the floating part of the line up or downstream.

Float/Intermediate/Sink 2
The triple-density Float/Intermediate/Sink 2 sinking head allows you to control the fly speed and provides the same qualities as the Float/Hover/Intermediate but brings the fly down a little deeper.

Float/Hover/Sink 3
The triple-density Float/Hover/Sink 3 features a floating rear section, a middle section that sinks very slowly, along with Sink 3 section on the front. This provides similar qualities to the Float/Intermediate/Sink 2 but gets the fly down just a bit deeper. A great choice for when fish are lying in deeper water and where fly speed is the key.

This is a must-have and one of the most versatile lines for any angler chasing anadromous fish. If stealth is required, the double-density Hover/Intermediate sinking Scandi head provides it. Perfectly balanced so it will stay just below the surface.

Sink 1/Sink 2
The UST Sink 1/Sink 2 is a double-density sinking head that fishes relatively close to the surface. It’s good for shallower pools with fast currents where you need to slow down the swing. Also a great choice in high water when you need to go a little deeper.

Intermediate/Sink 2/Sink 4
The triple-density Intermediate/Sink 2/Sink 4 sinking head cuts straight through the surface, but the Intermediate section helps keep the fly speed up while the Sink 4 section brings the fly down to where the fish are holding. With the Intermediate section below the surface, there will be less influences by the current, providing excellent contact with the fly.

Sink 2/Sink 3
Designed to get under the surface and fish in any water level, the double-density Sink 2/Sink 3 sinking Scandi head is probably the best all-around sinking line through the entire season. A great fish catcher in all temperatures and levels.

Sink 1/Sink 3/ Sink 5
The triple-density UST Sink 1/Sink 3/ Sink 5 head incorporates similar characteristics as the Intermediate/Sink2/Sink4 but works just a bit deeper. This line excels in heavy currents and when the fish are holding in deeper pools. It casts like a bullet and caught plenty of fish during field testing.

The Scientific Anglers UST Shooting Head are available in the various densities as listed above and you can select your choice from our drop down menu. Each line includes a line I.D system for quick identification and includes welded loops.

Wide range of single, double and multi-density
Scientific Anglers Shooting Texture
Advanced Shooting Technology
Line Identification System
Welded loops on both ends
Long front tapers designed to deliver flies at distance and in the wind
Size Charts
Type Size Length Head Weight Colour
Floating #9/10 40ft 585gr Orange / Willow
Floating #10/11 42ft 648gr Orange / Willow
Float/Hover/Inter #8/9 38.1ft 525gr Orange / Surf / Pale Green
Float/Hover/Inter #9/10 40ft 585gr Orange / Surf / Pale Green
Float/Hover/Inter #10/11 42ft 648gr Orange / Surf / Pale Green
Float/Inter/Sink2 #9/10 40ft 585gr Orange / Pale Green / Olive
Float/Inter/Sink2 #10/11 42ft 648gr Orange / Pale Green / Olive
Float/Hover/Sink3 #9/10 40ft 585gr Orange / Surf / Grey
Float/Hover/Sink3 #10/11 42ft 648gr Orange / Surf / Grey
Hover/Inter #9/10 40ft 585gr Blue Hover / Pale Green
Hover/Inter #10/11 42ft 648gr Blue Hover / Pale Green
Inter/Sink2/Sink4 #9/10 40ft 585gr Pale Green / Olive / Dark Grey
Inter/Sink2/Sink4 #10/11 42ft 648gr Pale Green / Olive / Dark Grey
Sink 1/2 #9/10 40ft 585gr Blue Heron / Olive
Sink 1/2 #10/11 42ft 648gr Blue Heron / Olive
Sink 1/3/5 #9/10 40ft 585gr Blue Heron / Grey / Black
Sink 1/3/5 #10/11 42ft 648gr Blue Heron / Grey / Black
Sink 2/3 #9/10 40ft 585gr Olive / Grey
Sink 2/3 #10/11 42ft 648gr Olive / Grey

Additional Information

Brand Scientific Anglers
Stock Location U
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