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Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Fly Outfit

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The Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Fly Outfit provides anglers with a well balanced outfit that is ideal for targeting trout and seatrout with a two-handed cast.

The outfit features the Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey rods, built with a smooth medium fast action and fine tuned for precision accuracy and performance. The rod is balanced with the Sage 2200 Series Fly Reel that has a durable construction with a large arbor design and utilises state-of-the-art manufacturing.

The rod and reel are then matched up with the OPST Skagit system range. This includes the Pure Skagit Lazar Running Line and the Pure Skagit Commando Head. This skagit head offers efficient and easy casting and is optimised for single handed, switch and shorter spey rods.

The Pure Skagit Commando Sink Tips complete the skagit system and are available in Riffle, Run and Bucket to cover shallow, medium and deeper waters at different speeds of current.

With the outfit we offer our professional line loading service, including free backing and loops where required. All you have to do is select your choice of left or right hand wind and we'll load your line onto your reel, ready for you to fish with.

About the Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey
The premium Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey rods are super tuned and super stunning casting tools, developed and enhanced with rod tracking to deliver incredible pinpoint accuracy for targeting trout and seatrout with a two-handed cast.

Brand new for 2017, the Hydrogen Trout Spey rods are perfect for anglers targeting trout and seatrout utilising a two handed method to effectively cover water and beautifully present your flies. Each model in this range is built with a phenomenal light weight and incredible strength, with an ultra smooth medium/fast action for unbelievable performance.

The rods have an incredible light weight, making them comfortable to use during long days fishing and the medium fast action is highly responsive and delivers precise accuracy due to improved rod tracking.

The Zirconia stripping guide inserts help to reduce your line and guides freezing in cold, winter months and the down locking skeletonised reel seat provides superior in-hand balance. The handles are made from premium cork and the section tips are also epoxy coated to prevent sticking.

The Trout Spey models all feature Scandi and Skagit grain ratings on the rod blanks and feature a dark gunmetal grey colour with a sleek matt blank finish for flash reduction.

The 4 piece Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey is available in various models and each rod is supplied in a fully protected cordura rod tube with dividers.

The lightest rod in its class
4 piece construction
Super-tuned, smooth, medium-fast action blank
Zirconia stripping guide inserts to reduce guide/line freeze
Down locking skeletonised reel seats
Pinpoint accuracy delivered through improved rod tracking
Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking
Scandi and Skagit grain ratings on rod blanks
Matte finish blank for flash reduction
Supplied in cordura rod tube with dividers
Lifetime warranty

About the Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel
The Sage Spectrum C Fly Reel provides advanced features and incredible rigidity whilst retaining surprisingly weightless construction.

The Spectrum C reel features a lightweight, die-cast frame with machined holes to relieve the body of excess weight and further add to the weightless feel of the reel. The reel is covered in a corrosion-resistant powder coating that is both aesthetically pleasing and enhances the feel of the reel. It protects the surface from scratches while increasing the durability of the reel in saltwater conditions.

This reel comes fully equipped with a Sealed Carbon System, along with Sage's signature One Revolution Drag Knob system with numbered and denting settings giving the reel personal levels of drag, and more importantly, repeatable and consistent levels of drag so you can have confidence in your fishing.

The Spectrum C features a large arbor for increased line pick-up speeds that has a unique concave shape for increased strength and capacity. The reel has a solid machined anodised hub and a large ergonomic handle that can easily be converted from left to right hand wind.

The Sage Spectrum C is supplied in an ballistic nylon-embroidered neoprene reel case.

Lightweight aluminium die-cast construction with machined finish
Powder coated for surface protection and corrosion resistance
Machined and anodised aluminium drag knob and ergonomic handle
Sealed Carbon System Drag
One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings
Large arbor for fast line pick-up
Vented concave arbor for greater strength and capacity
Easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve
Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case

About the OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Running Line
The OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Running Line has virtually no permanent memory at any temperature and has a very slight stretch that gives it incredibly high knot strength.

The lazar line is completely waterproof and is constructed with UV resistant properties to enhance its durability for longer lasting use. It also provides consist performance and optimal shoot-ability in a wide range of temperatures and conditions as well.

The slick and smooth coating on the line will help it pass through the guides with complete ease and aid in giving long distance casting. Made in a vivid and fluorescent green colour, the running line has amazing visibility and is supplied on a 50m spool.

This shooting line has incredible slickness, with impressive, long-lasting durability and exceptional performance in a wide variety of conditions.

The OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Running Line is available in a variety of breaking strains for you to choose from.

50 metre length
Hydrophobic and UV resistant
Exceptional durability
Consistent performance in hot and cold conditions
No permanent memory at any temperature
Ties beautiful knots
Calculated stretch - high knot strength

About the OPST Pure Skagit Commando Heads
The OPST Pure Skagit Commando Heads are the most innovative Skagit shooting heads on the market, with an efficient, easy casting design and size ranges that are suitable for traditional Spey rods, optimised for shorter switch rods and single handed fly rods.

These shooting heads are designed around the SAS, Sustained Anchor Systemology, concept. This is the idea that the Skagit cast is a water-based cast, with the rod load coming from the tension between the water's surface and the line. As such, a sustained anchor cast, where the fly remains stationary until the final power stroke, is the most efficient form of casting.

With these shooting head lines being much shorter in length, they perform exceptionally well, providing an effortless casting feel and are great for restricted casting areas. With the short design they also cast well in windy environments.

The Commando Heads will excel and perform incredibly on conventional two handed Spey rods but will also work well with shorter switch rods from 10ft to 12ft. The Micro Command Series are the smaller sizes in the range, designed to suit single handed rods.

OPST utilised the two handed casting theory, traditionally associated with steelhead and salmon, and applied it to the micro end of the spectrum. So now you can Skagit cast and swing flies for everything from trout, sea trout and smaller salmon/grilse, with rods as light as a 3 weight and as short as 6ft.

The OPST Pure Skagit Commando Heads feature welded loops on both ends for fast rigging and the front end is the end with a printed line I.D marker. These heads are in a Sauk Blue colour.

Efficient, easy casting design
Designed around the SAS concept
Ultra short length
Great for restricted casting areas
Sizes for Spey rods, switch rods and single handed fly rods
Welded loops on both ends
Front end - printed line I.D marker
Sauk Blue colour

About the OPST Pure Skagit Commando Sink Tips
The OPST Pure Skagit Commando Sink Tips will complete the Pure Skagit system. They are available in three different sink rates, named Riffle, Run and Bucket to cover shallow, medium and deeper waters at different speeds of current.

Not all skagit scenarios require a fast and heavy sink tip, shallower runs are important too especially in higher levels of water. With these sink tips, you are given the choice to fish for any species in rivers or still waters.

The 5ft Commando Sink Tips are micro tips optimised for use on 6ft to 10ft fly rods. These shorter 5ft lengths will help you fish shallower whilst also making turnover easier. The 5ft tips are available in 3 different sink rates: S2, S4 and S6. The S2 is marked as Riffle, the S4 is marked as Run and the S6 is marked as Bucket.

The 7.5ft Commando Sink Tips are suited for use on 7ft to 11ft rods. They are designed for 4 to 8 weight rods and are the ideal choice for a standard 9ft single hand rod. The 7.5ft tips are available in 3 different sink rates: S2, S4 and S6. The S2 is marked as Riffle, the S4 is marked as Run and the S6 is marked as Bucket.

The OPST Pure Skagit Commando Sink Tips are sold individually.

Three sink rates
Strong welded loops at both ends
Rear ends come with colour-coded line ID’s
Split sink rate, front/back design
Riffle, Run and Bucket - shallow, medium and deeper waters
1 tip supplied per pack
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