Pike / Predator Surface Lures

Surface lures are perfect for fishing for predatory species such as pike or perch in shallow waters or over the top of weeds. Floating lures and poppers are designed to float and make a commotion and disturbance on the surface as the angler retrieves them back. Takes on surface lures can be explosive, with fish often jumping out of the water to intercept them, offering the angler exciting fishing.
Some lures are designed to imitate natural food items pike and other predators would naturally see on the surface, such as frogs or rats. Others are designed to primarily cause a disturbance, such as popper lures, to draw the attention of predators.

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  1. Berkley Frenzy Power Pop Frog
    £5.99 RRP £6.39 Save £0.40
  2. Savage Gear Slap Walker
    from £9.99 RRP £11.99 Save £2
  3. Abu Garcia Rocket Popper
    from £6.47 RRP £6.49 Save £0.02
  4. Savage Gear Panic Prey V2
    from £9.97 RRP £10.99 Save £1.02
  5. Savage Gear Sandeel Surf Walker
    £12.97 RRP £14.99 Save £2.02
  6. Savage Gear The Fruck 3D Hollow Duckling
    from £6.97 RRP £12.99 Save £6.02
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