Pike Fly Fishing

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike Fly Fishing category, where the art of fly fishing meets the thrill of landing monstrous pike. Our carefully curated collection of pike fly fishing gear is designed to provide you with the tools and expertise needed to excel in this exciting angling pursuit.

Pike Fly Fishing is all about precision and presentation. Our gear is meticulously selected to offer you the ideal balance between finesse and power. Whether you're casting large streamers or poppers to entice the strikes of these apex predators, our fly fishing equipment ensures you have the control and responsiveness required for success. Explore our range of versatile fly rods, reels, lines, and flies, each tailored for different pike fly fishing techniques and conditions. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality gear, designed to elevate your pike fly fishing game and secure your angling triumphs!

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What gear do I need to fly fish for pike?

Fly fishing for pike requires specialized gear due to the size, strength, and feeding habits of the fish. Here's a comprehensive list of gear you'd need:

A Specialist Pike Rod: A 9-10 foot rod rated for 8-10 weight lines is suitable. It provides the power required to cast large flies and handle strong pike.

Pike Fly Reel: A large arbor fly reel that matches the weight of your rod and has a smooth and strong drag system to fight big pike.

Pike Fly Line: Floating or intermediate sinking fly line of 8-10 weight. Depending on the depth and water conditions, you might also consider a full sink line.

Predator(pike)Leader: A heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon leader of about 7-9 feet, followed by a wire tippet to prevent bite-offs. The wire tippet should be 12-18 inches long and can be made of titanium or stainless steel.

Flies: Pike flies tend to be larger, mimicking baitfish, frogs and other prey. Patterns like Whistlers, Deceivers and perch/roach imitations are popular choices. Opt for sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches.

Strip guards or gloves: These protect your fingers from line burns during fast and powerful runs by the fish.

Tools: Pliers (for hook removal), forceps, line cutters and a hook sharpener are essential. A large net with a rubberized mesh is also beneficial for safely landing and releasing pike.

Safety: Always wear polarised sunglasses to protect your eyes from hooks and to aid in spotting fish and underwater structures. A hat and sunscreen are also recommended for protection against the sun.

Storage: A waterproof fly box to store your pike flies and a fly fishing vest or sling pack to keep all essentials within easy reach.

Always remember to check local regulations for access and handle pike with care to ensure their survival after release.