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Greys GR20 Fly Outfit - Fly Fishing Kit Combo
Greys GR20 Fly Outfit

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    Offering exceptional value for money the Greys GR20 Fly Outfit includes the new Greys GR20 fly rod with a smooth and forgiving action that is designed to suit any angler.

    The rod is matched with either a GTS500 or QRS fly reel both with cassette spool designs and the fly lines with a choice between the Wychwood Connect Series range.

    We also offer a line loading service and will load the fly lines onto the reel for you. We include free high quality backing on the reel and braided loops will be provided and fitted where required.

    About the Greys GR20 Fly Rod
    The Greys GR20 Fly Rod is a smooth, forgiving medium action rod that is effortlessly easy to cast and is an affordable range, allowing any angler to buy into the Greys brand, without compromising on the performance.

    Built with intermediate carbon modulus blanks, these rods boast high durability with a super light weight, combined with a smooth, forgiving medium range action that can be cast with ease. Each rod is fitted with a AAA grade cork handle that gives a comfortable and secure grip.

    All models feature a tough, anodised aluminium and saltwater safe reel seat with twin locking nuts. There is high quality guides fitted throughout and each model includes a hook keeper ring. This allows you to wind your line in tight when walking from place to place.

    The Greys GR20 Fly Rod has black coloured blanks with blue highlight colours throughout. Each rod is a 4 piece design, supplied with a cordura tube.

    Affordable price without any sacrifice on performance
    4 piece construction
    Smooth, forgiving medium action
    Intermediate modulus carbon bank
    AAA grade cork handle
    Anodised aluminium saltwater safe reel seat with twin locking nuts
    Hook keeper ring
    Black coloured blanks with blue highlight colours
    Supplied with Cordura tube

    About the Greys GTS500 Fly Reel
    The Greys GTS500 Fly Reel is the replacement for the popular GX500 Cartridge Reel. The GTS500 is manufactured from Black, Die-cast Aluminium and is far superior in design and consistent in build quality to its predecessor.

    The GTS500 is the most affordable of the two options in the Greys GTS Cartridge Reel range. We think the rulon disc drag system is more than adequate for the situations these reels will commonly face. With a single turn of the drag knob you have the softest to the hardest of drag. The large arbour design increases line retrieve speeds and provides superior capacity for more than enough backing. The clear polycarbonate cassette spools aid with line identification and make the reel very attractive. Three spools are included in the package but extra spools are available individually for you to use this superb reel with all of your lines.

    The two sizes of 5/6/7 and 7/8/9 have presented an option for the angler to balance their #7 rod with the smaller or larger versions of the reels. This is a feature we have appreciated within our store when suggesting suitable matches to customer's existing or new rods and lines. The quick “tool-less” change of winding direction is ideal and changing spools whilst on the water is as effortless as we think it could possibly be.

    Unique line ID system, with coloured pegs supplied
    Captive spool release screw
    Large arbour design
    Dual Rulon disc drag system
    Tool less left to right conversion
    New clear modified polycarbonate cassette spool
    Supplied with 2 additional spools in reel case

    About the Greys QRS Fly Reel
    The Greys QRS Fly Reel utilises a ground-breaking, cassette spool Quad Rating System that provides anglers with a reel that is highly versatile, allowing you to use the one reel for a variety of fishing situations.

    This reel is built from a robust, durable and light weight full block of 6061 bar stock aluminium. The reel also includes a Rulon disc drag, providing you with impeccably smooth performance and allowing you to go from a light to heavy drag in seconds with a turn of the drag knob.

    The Quad Rating System uses cassette spools that allow you to fish 4 different line sizes on the same reel. This not only provides convenience but makes it adaptable to be used in different situations, on your different weighted rods and with multiple lines.

    The spools are made from strong, lightweight polycarbonate and can be easily changed using the unique QRS locking system. Simply flick the switch to release the spool and change to the desired size you require.

    Each fly reel is supplied with 4 cassettes, two of each line size. As an example, the 5/6/7/8 reel will be supplied with 2 x 5/6 cassettes and 2 x 7/8 cassettes. Each reel is also supplied with identification pins as well.

    The QRS keeps in the same design as the newer fly reels from Greys, including an armoured construction throughout, with a modern look. The reel has a dark grey colour, with red colour accents for stand out contrast.

    The Greys QRS Fly Reel is available in three different sizes and is supplied with 4 clear cassette spools and in a neoprene pouch.

    Rulon disc drag system
    Full bar stock 6061 aluminium construction
    Unique line ID system, with coloured pins supplied
    Unique QRS Locking System for easy spool release
    Polycarbonate clear cassette spools
    4 spools provided – 2 of each line size
    Unique line ID system, with coloured pins supplied
    Supplied in a neoprene pouch

    About the Wychwood Connect Series Fly Line
    The Wychwood Connect Series offers game anglers a premium quality fly line, with design and features normally only found on much more expensive lines. Advanced tapers and factory fitted welded loops ensure the connect series lines from Wychwood stand out from the crowd and offer fantastic value for money.

    There are a total of 10 different densities within the range, each for a different fly fishing situation. From Floating lines through to very fast sinking lines the Connect Series has the perfect line for every water condition.

    When the designers of the Connect Series fly lines were planning their lines, they soon focused upon three key features that anglers most wanted out of their fly line. These are casting distance, fly presentation and most importantly bite detection. Each of the Connect Series lines have been carefully planned to achieve all three of these key design points.

    The 10 fly lines feature heavier and longer front tapers which will help you to produce tight loops when you are casting. This allows for accurate casts at longer distances to be easily achieved and with minimal effort, ensuring you can cover more water in less time and put your flies right under the nose of those wary Trout.

    The PVC lines include additives that produce a slick coating with reduced line memory and therefore offer better presentation. You'll find whatever fishing situation you are in, your presentation will be improved whether it's up close or targeting fish feeding at range.

    For being able to 'feel' your line, the line core is made from low stretch braided nylon and helps produce a stiffer line so you can recognise smaller tugs on the line. The braided nylon also helps produce a small amount of 'give' so you can avoid any smash takes.

    One of the best features of these lines is being able to find the one that's right for you with complete ease. On each fly line box, there are logos and text that shows the properties and features of each line. It also mentions the fishing conditions to use each line in and makes finding the best fly line for you simple and easy.

    Here is a breakdown of each of the 10 variations of this fly line and a description to help you choose the best line for your requirements.

    Feather Down Floater
    Front welded loop, olive green in colour.
    Presentation Taper, High Buoyancy Float
    A great choice for river or stillwater fishing. Ideal for tricky situations where optimum stealth is required in order to fool wary fish feeding on or near the surface.

    Rocket Floater
    Front welded loop, white in colour.
    Distance Taper, Super High Floating.
    Ideal for fishing from a drifting boat or on the bank where punching a line into a headwind is required. Powering out a full line in order to get your fly exactly where you want it.

    Little Dipper
    Front welded loop, pastel orange in colour.
    Distance Taper, Super High Floating with a 5ft tip section which sinks at 1.5in per second.
    This line crosses the floater-sinking line divide, offering great control from boat or bank. Ideal for when you need that slight anchor to bed the flies down under the water's surface, exceptional for all your slow-nymphing needs.

    Big Dipper
    Front welded loop, pastel blue in colour.
    Distance Taper, Super High Floating with a 10ft tip section which sinks at 1.5in per second.
    A longer, sinking tip section allows the flies to fish at a different angle. Ideal for fishing larger lures with a fast retrieve near the surface or getting those nymphs down deeper, where 'feel' is the key to success.

    Front welded loop, pale green in colour.
    Distance Taper, Super Slow Sink Rate 0.75 to 1inch per second.
    This has the ability to hold your flies in the zone for far longer due to its very slow sink rate. Ideal for presenting your flies with maximum control, in that 'critical zone', the top few feet of water where most of the trout's feeding takes place.

    Ghost Intermediate
    Front welded loop, clear in colour.
    Distance Taper, Intermediate Sink Rate 1.5inches a second.
    A superb all-rounder, this line has the ability to enhance your catch rate on all manner of stillwater fishing situations. Idea for fishing with all manners of lures from un-weighted to heavily weighted ones, this line offers that 'level plane' presentation that most fish find irresistible.

    Front welded loop, green in colour.
    Distance Taper, Medium Sink Rate 3 inches per second.
    This is the perfect small stillwater sinking line, which will work extremely well when it comes to fishing everything from nymphs to lures. Ideal choice for fishing teams of flies through the water column. Use a fast retrieve for the surface layers and slow steady figure of eight for deeper work.

    Front welded loop, brown in colour.
    Distance Taper, Fast Sink Rate 5inches per second.
    This is a line that’s tuned to fishing large individual lures or even teams of flies at depth with very little effort. Ideal for early season and in the heat of summer when the trout are loathe to come up near the surface of the water. The ultimate line for pulling apart bright lures, deeper in the cool depths.

    Front welded loop, grey in colour.
    Distance Taper, Fast Sink Rate 7 inches per second.
    For reservoir the angler – and anyone who has access to deep water. Ideal for when you need to get the flies deep down near the lake bed fast. This is the fly line for fishing vertical buzzers straight up and down or boobies just off the bottom.

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