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Fluorocarbon line is often used as a leader or tippet material when fly fishing or spinning. Fluorocarbon has the advantage of being almost invisible in the water, helping to avoid spooking wary fish, and it also sinks, which helps the leader cut through the surface film when fishing with small flies or in calm conditions. Monofilament, or mono line, can also be used as a tippet material and is particularly useful when targeting larger fish, such as salmon. Mono is more abrasion resistant and often has a higher knot strength, often making it feel tougher than other lines.
Braided line is typically used as a mainline on the reel when lure fishing. It has almost zero stretch meaning anglers can keep in touch with their lure and detect bites easier. It’s also much thinner than mono of the same breaking strain, meaning heavier strength lines can be used without compromising casting distance.

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  1. Berkley X9 Braid
    from £26.99
  2. Berkley Flex Mono
    from £3.47 RRP £5.29 Save £1.82
  3. Daiwa Hyper Sensor Monofil
    £7.50 RRP £7.99 Save £0.49
  4. PowerPro Braid
    from £17.97 RRP £19.99 Save £2.02
  5. Daiwa Sensor Monofil
    £9.99 RRP £11.50 Save £1.51
  6. Maxima 600m Chameleon Mono
    from £16.75 RRP £18.99 Save £2.24
  7. Daiwa Sensor Clear Monofil
    £9.99 RRP £11.50 Save £1.51
  8. Maxima Fluorocarbon
    from £13.99 RRP £14.99 Save £1
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