Salmon Fly Fishing Lines

Most salmon fly lines are designed to be cast with a double handed rod while fishing flowing rivers for salmon. They are available in three main styles, spey lines, scandi lines and skagits. Spey lines are a traditional line with a longer head and normally feature a fully integrated shooting head and running line. They are useful when fishing bigger rivers and casting long distances as less line has to be stripped in between casts.
Scandi and skagit lines often feature interchangeable heads, tips and running lines that are connected via loop to loop connections. The shooting head is looped onto the running line and a tip is attached to the front of the line.
Scandi lines offer an easy casting, versatile line that allows different sink tips to be added to fish the fly at different depths. Skagit lines have a shorter, heavier head that makes castin long, heavy sink tips or big flies easier. The shorter head also makes them useful when space for the back cast is limited.
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