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Salmon fly rods are double handed rods designed to cast spey style lines on flowing rivers. They are available in different lengths and line weights to suit different fishing situations. Salmon rods normally range from 12ft up to 15ft in length and have line weights from #8 to #12. Longer rods with heavier casting weights are used on bigger rivers where casting long distances or fishing heavy flies or sink tips are often necessary. Lighter line weights and shorter rods are perfect for fishing medium size rivers where casting distance is not crucial and a more stealthy presentation with the lighter line.
Short rods, around 11ft, are referred to as switch rods. Switch rods normally have lighter line weights around #7 or #8, this allows the angler to spey cast the rod like a standard double hander or switch to an overhead casting method and cast the rod single handed. They are ideal for fishing smaller rivers where casting distance and big flies are not essential.

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  1. Sage X Switch
  2. Hardy Ultralite Double Handed Fly Rod
    from £699.99 RRP £739.99 Save £40
  3. Shakespeare Oracle 2 EXP Salmon Fly Rod
    from £134.99 RRP £149.99 Save £15
  4. Shakespeare Oracle 2 Spey Fly Rod
    from £95.99 RRP £104.99 Save £9
  5. Shakespeare Oracle 2 Scandi Fly Rod
    from £134.99 RRP £149.99 Save £15
  6. Shakespeare Oracle 2 Switch Fly Rod
    £95.99 RRP £104.99 Save £9
  7. Daiwa X4 Salmon Fly
    £100.00 RRP £105.00 Save £5
  8. Shakespeare Oracle EXP Salmon Fly Rod
    from £134.97 RRP £144.99 Save £10.02
  9. Shakespeare Oracle Spey
    £109.97 RRP £119.99 Save £10.02
  10. Hardy Zephrus Double Handed
    from £719.97 RRP £799.99 Save £80.02
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