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Our Trout Fishing Flies category hosts an extensive collection of meticulously crafted flies designed specifically for targeting trout. Our selection offers a diverse range of patterns that imitate the insects and prey that trout feed on, ensuring you have the perfect fly for any fly fishing scenario.

From dry flies that delicately float on the surface to nymphs that imitate underwater insect stages, our trout fishing flies are tied with precision and attention to detail. We offer a variety of sizes, colours, and patterns to match the local hatch and entice picky trout to take. Our flies are crafted using high-quality materials and hooks, ensuring durability and lifelike presentation in the water. Whether you prefer traditional patterns or innovative designs, our trout fishing flies are proven to attract trout and enhance your angling success.

Explore our Trout Fishing Flies category and browse through our extensive collection to elevate your trout fishing game with our high-quality patterns and increase your chances of landing that fish of a lifetime!

Trout fishing flies - encompass a wide range of patterns designed to imitate various insects, baitfish and other food sources that trout feed on. Here's an overview of different types of trout fishing flies and their characteristics:

Hackled Wet Flies: are traditional patterns with soft hackle fibres wrapped around the body. They imitate emerging insects or drowned insects on or just below the water's surface. They have a natural movement and can be fished on a swing or retrieved slowly.

Winged Wet Flies: have soft hackle fibres and a wing made of feathers or synthetic materials. They imitate mayflies, caddisflies, sedges or other small insects floating or emerging on the water's surface. The wing provides additional visibility and realism to attract trout.

Stillwater Dries: are dry fly patterns designed for surface fishing on lakes or ponds. They imitate insects like midges, damselflies or terrestrials that trout feed on in still water. These flies often have buoyant materials and may feature a foam body for flotation.

Hackled Dry Flies: imitate adult insects floating on the water's surface. They have a stiff hackle collar that helps them float and the body can be made of fur, feathers or synthetic materials. Examples include the Adams, Elk Hair Caddis and Royal Wulff.

Winged Dry Flies: Winged dry flies have a more pronounced wing, often made of feathers or synthetic materials. They imitate insects like mayflies, stoneflies or caddisflies and are particularly effective during hatches when trout are actively feeding on the surface.

Spiders: are soft hackle flies that imitate various aquatic insects. They have a sparse body and soft hackle fibres that provide a lifelike appearance and subtle movement in the water. Spider flies can be effective for imitating emerging insects or for fishing in choppy water.

Hoppers: imitate terrestrials that often end up in the water. They have buoyant bodies and legs to create movement that attract trout. Hoppers are particularly effective during the summer months when terrestrial flies are prevalent near rivers or streams.

CDC Dry Flies: (Cul-de-Canard) flies use the fluffy feathers from the preen gland of ducks. They have excellent natural buoyancy and are often used for imitating delicate insects like midges or small mayflies. CDC patterns can be tied as emerger's, dries or F-wings.

Buzzers: also known as chironomids, imitate the pupal stage of midges. They are typically tied with slender bodies and are fished just below the water's surface or in the water column. Buzzers come in various colours to match the different stages of midge development.

Parachute & Klinkhammers: flies are dry fly patterns with a unique parachute or extended body design. The parachute hackle or post allows for better visibility and flotation, while the Klinkhammer pattern is designed to imitate emerging insects with its suspended body and trailing shuck.

Daddy Long Legs: trout flies imitate the long-legged crane flies found near water. They have a slender body, long legs and are often fished using a twitching or skating motion on the water's surface to attract trout.

Sedges: imitate caddisflies, which are an important food source for trout. They have a buoyant body and often feature a folded wing design. Sedge patterns come in various sizes and colors to match different species and stages of caddisflies.

Muddlers: are streamer patterns designed to imitate small baitfish or sculpins. They have a bulky head made of spun deer or elk hair, which pushes water and creates a fish-attracting disturbance. Muddlers are effective for aggressive trout or in murky water.

Dapping Flies: are large patterns designed for fishing with a "dapping" technique, which involves suspending the fly from a long rod and gently placing it on the water's surface. They imitate large terrestrial insects or emerging insects trapped in the surface film.

Dabblers & Mayflies: Dabblers imitate mayfly nymphs or drowned insects. They have a bushy, hackle-based body and often feature a wing made of duck or goose quill sections. Dabblers can be fished on or below the water's surface.

Snatchers: Snatcher flies are popular in stillwater fishing. They imitate various insects and small fry. Snatchers have a slim body and often feature an attractor hotspot, such as a jungle cock feather or Hi-Viz cheeks.

Weighted Nymphs: are subsurface flies designed to sink quickly to reach the desired depth. They imitate aquatic insects in their nymphal stage and are commonly used in nymphing techniques. Weighted nymphs can be tied with metal beads, lead wraps or other materials to add weight.

Unweighted Nymphs: imitate the natural movement of nymphs as they drift in the water column. They are often tied with lightweight materials and can be fished with traditional loch style fishing techniques or drifting.

River Bugs: River bugs, such as pheasant tails or perdigon patterns, imitate the nymphs of aquatic insects found in riverbeds. They have a stout body and are typically tied with durable materials to withstand fast currents and rocky bottoms.

Trout Lures: encompass various streamer patterns designed to imitate small baitfish or other can be used as simple attractors. They often have a flashy or bulky appearance and create a lot of movement to trigger predatory instincts in trout.

Blobs: are colourful and highly visible flies often used in stillwater fishing. They have a simple shape and are made of buoyant materials. Blobs can be effective attractor patterns or used as indicators when fishing with other subsurface flies. Some blobs are called FAB's (foam arsed blobs)used as to keep the flies buoyant

Zonkers: are fly imitation patterns that imitate small fish or baitfish. They have a strip of fur or synthetic material tied on the hook shank to create a pulsating motion in the water. Zonker's can be effective for aggressive trout fry feeding the the margins. Typically towards the end of summer!.

Booby Flies: are buoyant flies often used in stillwater fishing. They have foam eyes or buoyant materials tied near the hook bend, causing the fly to suspend or float just above the bottom. Booby flies can imitate aquatic creatures or be used as attractor patterns.

Carp Flies: are specifically designed for targeting carp, a challenging freshwater species. They imitate the food sources carp feed on, such as aquatic insects, crustaceans or plant matter. Carp flies often have realistic profiles and are tied to withstand the powerful runs of carp.

These are just a few examples of trout fishing flies and their respective categories. The selection of flies depends on the specific fishing conditions, target species, and the natural food sources available in the water. It's always a good idea to consult local experts, fly shops, or fishing guides for recommendations on effective patterns for your fishing location

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