A landing net is an essential piece of equipment for anglers to carry enabling them to easily land fish once hooked. Different size and shaped landing nets are available to suit different species of fish and fishing styles. Smaller, compact scoop nets are ideal for wading anglers fishing stillwaters or rivers for trout and grayling. Their short handle and smaller size allows them to be easily stored close to hand and easily carried around.
Landing nets with longer handles are perfect for anglers fishing from boats or bank fishing on stillwaters. The longer handle allows anglers to reach hooked fish easily without having to stretch. Gye nets are larger nets, often with a sliding handle to make them easier to transport, that are commonly used for salmon and sea trout fishing. They are generally bigger to allow bigger fish to be landed and can be worn across anglers back whilst they are fishing.

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  1. Wychwood Gye Net
  2. Shakespeare Cosmic Net
    £9.99 RRP £10.59 Save £0.60
  3. Leeda Profil Magnetic Net Hanger
    Special Price £6.49 RRP £7.49 Save £1
  4. Greys Rubber Spoon Dual Mesh
    from £20.99 RRP £22.99 Save £2
  5. Shakespeare Challenge XT Tele Landing Net Handle
    from £19.99 RRP £21.99 Save £2
  6. Shakespeare Challenge XT Specimen Net Pole
    Special Price £17.99 RRP £18.99 Save £1
  7. JRC Cocoon 2G Net Float
    £8.99 RRP £9.59 Save £0.60
  8. Ron Thompson Manitoba Folding Net
    Special Price £44.99 RRP £54.99 Save £10
  9. Shakespeare SKP Landing Net Head
    from £15.99 RRP £16.99 Save £1
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