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  • Franc N Snaelda Sean Stanton Signature Coneheads - Fly Tying Cones
  • Fulling Mill Slotted Tungsten Beads - Fly Tying Materials
  • Hends Tungsten Plus Beads - Fly Tying Materials
  • Fish Skull Living Eyes - Fly Tying Materials
  • Hareline Tyers Glass Beads
  • Fulling Mill Painted Brass Beads - Fly Tying Materials
  • Hareline Insta Jig Tungsten Heads - Fly Tying Beads
  • Hareline Tungsten Brass Gritty Beads - Fly Tying Materials

    Hareline Gritty Beads

    From: £4.19
  • Hareline 3D Adhesive Holographic Eyes
  • Fish Skull Fish Mask - Fly Tying Heads Materials
  • Hareline Plain Lead Eyes
  • Booby Eyes

    Booby Eyes

  • Tubeworx Flow Cones

    Tubeworx Flow Cones

    Regular Price: £3.95

    Special Price £2.97

  • Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes - Dumbbell Eyes Fly Tying
  • Veniard Glass Damsel Twin Eye Beads - Fly Tying Material
  • Veniard Easy Shrimp Eyes - Fly Tying Materials

    Veniard Easy Shrimp Eyes

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price £6.99

  • Frodin Flies FITS Tungsten Cones - Fly Tying Materials Coneheads
  • Fulling Mill Metal Brass Beads - Fly Tying Materials

    Fulling Mill Brass Beads

    Regular Price: £4.15

    Special Price £3.95

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