Float Fishing Rods

Float fishing rods generally range in size from 10ft in length up to 15ft with various different casting weights. Rods of 12ft and over with fairly light casting weights are generally used for waggler fishing or trotting floats on running water. These rods are perfect for fishing with light lines and lighter floats when targeting silver fish and other medium size species. Their long length allows longer drops beneath the float to be cast and pick up the line better when setting the hook. They often have a softer action to cushion the light hook lengths often used with these rods.
Shorter rods are often referred to as pellet waggler rods. These rods are often stronger with a higher casting weight and faster action and are used when targeting carp up in the water. Long drops beneath the float aren’t necessary with pellet wagglers so a long rod isn’t required to cast these setups.

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  1. Shakespeare Challenge XT Pellet Waggler
    £29.99 RRP £31.99 Save £2
  2. Shakespeare Challenge XT Match
    £34.99 RRP £36.99 Save £2
  3. Shakespeare Superteam Float Rod
    from £56.99 RRP £62.99 Save £6
  4. Shakespeare Superteam Power Float
    £84.99 RRP £92.99 Save £8
  5. Daiwa Ninja Pellet Waggler
    £67.99 RRP £74.99 Save £7
  6. Daiwa Ninja Waggler
    £74.99 RRP £79.99 Save £5
  7. Shakespeare Firebird Match
    Special Price £22.99 RRP £24.99 Save £2
  8. Okuma Ceymar Match
    £54.99 RRP £64.99 Save £10
  9. Ron Thompson OTT Pellet Waggler
    from £29.97 RRP £39.99 Save £10.02
  10. Shakespeare Challenge XT Match Kit
    Special Price £84.97 RRP £99.99 Save £15.02
  11. Shakespeare Challenge XT Pellet Waggler Kit
    Special Price £84.97 RRP £99.99 Save £15.02
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