Float Fishing Fixed Spool Reels

Fixed spool reels are commonly used for float fishing applications and are available in a range of sizes to suit different situations and fishing styles. Smaller reels, in the 2000-3000 size, are perfect for fishing with lighter lines and lighter rods when float fishing. These reels will hold plenty of line up to 6lb-8lb breaking strain and the smaller size will balance lighter rods better.
Bigger reels, in the 4000-5000 size, are generally used for float fishing with heavier tackle and when targeting bigger fish such as carp. These reels are ideal for fishing pellet waggler tactics. A bigger reel holds more line of a heavier breaking strain and offers increased drag pressure to fight bigger fish.

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  1. Shakespeare Firebird FD
    from £12.99 RRP £13.79 Save £0.80
  2. Shakespeare Firebird RD
    from £10.99 RRP £11.69 Save £0.70
  3. Shakespeare Cypry FS
    from £26.99 RRP £27.99 Save £1
  4. Shakespeare Cypry XT FS
    from £37.97 RRP £39.99 Save £2.02
  5. Shimano Nasci FB
    from £79.97 RRP £79.99 Save £0.02
  6. Shimano Catana FD
    from £39.99
  7. Okuma Jaw Spinning Reel
    from £29.99 RRP £39.99 Save £10
  8. Daiwa 18 Ninja LT Reel
    £69.99 RRP £74.99 Save £5
  9. Shakespeare Omni FD
    from £19.97 RRP £19.99 Save £0.02
  10. Daiwa Legalis LT
    £79.97 RRP £84.99 Save £5.02
  11. Shakespeare Beta RD
    £11.97 RRP £11.99 Save £0.02
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