Airflo Rage Compact
RS-SKF-450-PM New 053163692933 44.99
RS-SKF-480-PM New 053163692940 44.99
RS-SKF-510-PM New 053163692957 44.99
RS-SKF-540-PM New 053163692964 44.99
RS-SKF-570-PM New 053163692971 44.99
RS-SKF-600-PM New 053163692988 44.99
RS-SKF-660-PM New 531638325680 44.99
RS-SKH-480-GY New 053163832575 44.99
RS-SKH-540-GY New 053163832582 44.99
RS-SKH-600-GY New 053163832599 44.99
RS-SKH-660-GY New 053163832605 44.99
RS-SKHI-480-GY/BL New 053163832612 44.99
RS-SKHI-540-GY/BL New 053163832629 44.99
RS-SKHI-600-GY/BL New 053163832636 44.99
RS-SKHI-660-GY/BL New 053163832643 44.99

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The Airflo Rage Compact is one of the most popular lines in the UK and bridges the gap between Skagit and Shooting Head lines. This line is able to cast like a Skagit line yet it is designed to be fished purely as the head on its own with the option to add sinking tips if required.

At 32 feet in length, the Rage Compact casts and performs exceptionally well in tight quarter casting situations. The line is built with a low-stretch, low-memory braided Power Core which greatly improves line sensitivity for increased hook sets and casting control.

The aggressive front taper gives ultimate power for driving casts into strong winds and provides exceptional turnover for sink tips. The short rear taper gives the angler good casting control within limited space, i.e. tree lined or high grassy banks.

Offered in the range, are three different densities of line. Full Float, Hover (up to 1 inch per second) and there is the Hover Intermediate which is the same as the Hover line though it changes into an intermediate line half way down the head with a 1.75ips sink rate.

Each of the three heads feature front and back welded loops. The front of the line includes a line identity tag for quick reference.

The Airflo Rage Compact is available in various sizes from 300 to 660 grains. You can select your desired type and weight from our drop down menu.

All the benefits of a Skagit line but no tips required.
Low stretch, low memory braided Power Core
Casts well in windy and right quarter conditions
Aggressive front taper
Rear taper taper helps load quickly
Front and back welded loops
Available in Floating, Hover and Hover Intermediate
Size Charts

Airflo Rage Compact
Code Density Weight (grains) AFTM (approx) Core Colour
RS-SKF-450-PM Floating 450 grains 6/7 Powercore Pale Mint
RS-SKF-480-PM Floating 480 grains 7/8 Powercore Pale Mint
RS-SKF-510-PM Floating 510 grains 7/8 Powercore Pale Mint
RS-SKF-540-PM Floating 540 grains 8/9 Powercore Pale Mint
RS-SKF-570-PM Floating 570 grains 8/9 Powercore Pale Mint
RS-SKF-600-PM Floating 600 grains 9/10 Powercore Pale Mint
RS-SKF-660-PM Floating 660 grains 10/11 Powercore Pale Mint
RS-SKH-480-GY Hover 480 grains 7/8 Powercore Grey
RS-SKH-540-GY Hover 540 grains 8/9 Powercore Grey
RS-SKH-600-GY Hover 600 grains 9/10 Powercore Grey
RS-SKH-660-GY Hover 660 grains 10/11 Powercore Grey
RS-SKHI-480-GY/BL Hover/Int 480 grains 7/8 Powercore Grey/Blue
RS-SKHI-540-GY/BL Hover/Int 540 grains 8/9 Powercore Grey/Blue
RS-SKHI-600-GY/BL Hover/Int 600 grains 9/10 Powercore Grey/Blue
RS-SKHI-660-GY/BL Hover/Int 660 grains 10/11 Powercore Grey/Blue

Additional Information

Brand Airflo
Stock Location U
Colour No

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Reviews for this product
Airflo Rage Compact
Being a bit new and not getting to the water as often as I would like, have been using the 540 on my hardy jet switch 8/9 wt,, really nice and easy to slow load with a single spey, this line stays on a spool now ,,go to option,, will turn floating or ordinary polytips easily,,,does exactly what it says on the box Review by Robin (Created 15/05/2018)
Airflo Rage Compact
570 grains for use with 13' d/h loop Opti spry. Casts a long line with ease and being approx 10' shorter head than standard shooting heads is excellent in tight situations Review by Martin (Created 09/12/2016)
Top class product
Easy loading,long casting,this line does exactly what it says on the tin!i have used it with both 9/10 & 10/11 rated rods & it flies!A Longer tip,14-15ft does assist with the heavier rod but all in all a super product! Review by Gaz (Created 29/08/2015)
Airflo Rage Compact
only had a quick try of it but it seems very easy to cast,you don't need a sustained anchor either ,using a slower struck it turned over sick tips and poly leaders no problem at all Review by ian (Created 18/08/2015)
Very fast and smooth transaction. Great line.
I use the Airflo Rage skagit type line with a couple of my other fly rods and wanted one for my 13ft rod. They are great lines, easy to cast, cut through the wind and will turn over a sinking poly leader and small tube fly pretty easily. Ordered line one day, arrived the next. Thank you. Review by Jim (Created 30/08/2014)
rage line
this has got to be the fasted people I have had the pleasure to deal with cheers Review by berty bhoy (Created 22/06/2014)
Let it fly!
I've used Airflo shooting heads for a couple of seasons, and in my opinion this is the best. Not clumsy like a Skagit and better than a Scandi for use with all densities of polyleader including fast sink and extra fast sink. One thing though, use a 10ft or 14ft polyleader as the shorter ones will result in a ripped anchor. No effort needed to send this baby on its way, and tracks around nicely. Tom Larimer (its designer) certainly hit the nail on the head with this. Review by Steve L. (Created 01/06/2014)

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