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“The Salt” – UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival

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Angling Active is so proud to be a part of the very first UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival. Angling Active will be present for the long weekend supporting, contributing and filming this amazing festival. The film will be made available on the Angling Active Youtube Channel. Subscribe here.

The Organisers mantra is very simple. “This will be a premium event, managed by professionals, where every single participant will have an amazing experience. It will be a prestige event with international credibility,  allowing  anglers to mingle, to share experiences, to learn and above all to make new friends, the fish being returned unhurt to the water with catch and release  all within a great atmosphere and against a backdrop of the stunning coastline of Cornwall.”

Anglers of all abilities cannot fail to draw benefit from their participation as within the programme they can learn about wading, leader construction, tackle, flies and so much more. They can then put their watercraft into practice, seeking out the many species available from the shoreline. They can stalk the legendary Bass, experience the thrill of a Garfish on the fly, or be amazed by the fighting power of a Mackerel on light tackle. The competition area includes beaches, rocks, estuaries – there is endless variety. 

The Festival will be a very special experience and the Organisers have one heartfelt wish. They want those same anglers to come back to ‘The Salt’ year after year.

If you can make it, on the 24th and 25th September there is an abundance of things going on before the weekend festival competition on the Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday – 24th September

6 pm.      Registration and Welcome Drinks Reception at the Hotel Tresanton

                 Q&A. Forum with the experts

                 Casting  demonstrations and clinics from the  top pros.

Option 2 Extra – Addition of Boat Fishing on Zen 2 with Austen Goldsmith

 Friday – 25th September

Practice Day. am and pm Training sessions.

Casting  demonstrations and clinics from the  top pros.

Option 2 Extra – Addition of Boat Fishing on Zen 2 with Austen Goldsmith

5.30 pm     Competition cards and briefing at the St Mawes Hotel.

 Saturday – 26th September

10 am – 5 pm Competition Fishing Day 1

7 pm BBQ in St Mawes with ‘Live Music’

Sunday – 27th September

8 am – 3 pm Competition Fishing Day 2
Premier League Anglers ( top 10 from previous day ) will fish from the beach at St.Mawes.

5.30 pm Kilchoman Drinks Reception St Mawes. A chance to try the Kilchoman signature cocktail, “The Salt”

All the above ( other than Option 2 items )are included in the entry price.



Option 1

Special Offer Price for first 25 Entries £75 – Then £100

 A Festival  ‘Goody Bag’ Including . Laminated Tape Measure, Airflo Top Quality Fly Line and Saltwater Flies.

Entry into the Festival’s 2 Competition days around the Cornish Coast – with Great Prizes.

Thursday 24th September     Welcome Drinks  Reception –  Casting Demonstrations & Clinics with Derek Aunger.

Q&A Forums with the top Pro-Guides/ Instructor in the business.

Friday 25th September   Casting Demonstrations & Clinics –Q&A Forums with the top Pro-Guides/ Instructors in the business.

Saturday 26th September  Day 1 of the Festival Competition-  Evening  BBQ with Live Music

Sunday 27th September   Final Day of the Festival Competition with Drinks & Prize Giving Reception.

Option 2

Special Offer Price  for first 25 Entries £125 – Then £150

All in Option 1 Plus Addition of Boat Fishing on Zen 2 with Austen Goldsmith available on Thursday or Friday 

Option 3

Entry into the 2 Day Festival Competition only for £45

The event will be held from 24th to 27th September. It’s based and hosted around the historic fishing harbour of St Mawes.


Participants will fish from the shoreline, using the many beaches and rocky areas where sport is to be found, using your your fishing skills and watercraft. The fish being returned unhurt to the water with catch and release. 

A full social programme is included and there are some superb prizes on offer.  Accommodation is available to suit all budgets and there will also be a ‘training’ day included in the entry price, featuring some of Cornwall’s top pro guides.

"The Salt"


Catch and Release:  All fish caught shall be released after measuring.  Please handle fish carefully and with respect. A  knot-less mesh net should be used wherever practical

Fishing shall be with any conventional fly rod of any length, either single or double handed  Spin, lure or beach casting rods are not allowed

Fishing shall be with fly only.  The fly can be any length that is castable, weighted or un-weighted, and with any size hook.  Any fur, feather or material can be used either natural or artificial

A maximum of two flies may be used on any cast.  The two flies to be a minimum of 1 metre apart.

All flies shall be tied on single hooks.  Hooks must be barb-less, or de-barbed. Doubles or trebles are NOT permitted

No fly shall contain any metal spinning component, but weighted heads are permitted.

Fishing shall be from beach, rock , salt marsh or coastline

Fishing is NOT PERMITTED from any of the following;   Jetty, Pontoon, harbour wall, marina, outlet pipe or any man-made structure protruding from the shoreline

Fishing will be within the designated areas around St.Mawes

Fishing is NOT PERMITTED from any boat, kayak or canoe and boats may NOT be used to reach fishing marks.


Each competitor will receive a score card , on which each individual fish is to be recorded.  Min size for any species is 25cms measured from snout to fork of tail.

A photograph of each fish caught and recorded to be taken while the fish is in the net, prior to release.

The competitor shall record the fish by species, length, time of capture and location of capture.

Scoring will be 100 points per fish, plus a further 5 points per centimetre of length.

The highest number of points will decide the winner


Saturday 26th September 10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs

Sunday 27th September 08:00 to 15:00 hrs

It is at the discretion of the competitor on how much time they spend in travel, and how much in actual fishing.

Score cards must be handed in to the Organisers Office at the designated time – late cards will NOT be accepted for ANY reason at all – please allow sufficient travel time

Wading is permitted at the competitor’s discretion and responsibility.  Wet wading is also permitted.  Buoyancy aids or life vests are suggested and encouraged, but are not compulsory

No competitor shall fish within 30 metres of another competitor

All competitors shall wear protective eyewear (sunglasses) at all times when fishing

All competitors shall be responsible for their own insurance and indemnities

In the case of any formal complaint, the judges’ decision will be final and binding

Safety Advice

Participation of any pastime near water requires care and attention to maintain safety. We ask that you make careful preparations for the event, consider the correct footwear and clothing, use correct sun protection, wear protective glasses (sunglasses are appropriate) and a hat. 

Be aware of your surroundings and take note of the times and states of the tide


Free Prize Draw – Vision Keeper ISO Float Tube. August

Free Prize Draw – Vision KEEPER ISO Float Tube.

Scotland needs Youth! …1 Week Left to Apply.

Scottish Youths National Fly Fishing Championship 2015


Please share this with family and friends!!!

Closing Date for Entries is 15th August 2015

Download the form here or come into the Angling Active store for a copy:

Youth National Champs entry form

As proud supporter of the Youth Team for Scotland we invite enthusiastic under 18 (boys & girls) to enter for the 2015 National Championship and/or be considered for the 2016 International Youth Team Selection which will compete in Ireland.


Day One;   Saturday 22nd August 2015 at Lake of Mentieth Fishery 09.00 – 17.00

Day Two; Sunday 13th September 2015 at Carron Valley Fishery 09.00 – 16.00

Please note that the final is a two day event with no preliminary. Combined bag over the two days. Trophy awards.


GOLD MEDAL WINNERS 2014 & 2015!!!

Why not be a part of the 2016 team?

2015 Youth Gold Medal Winners

Scottish Youth win gold medal by 16 fish margin at Lake of Menteith Fisheries on Wed 5th Aug.


Congratulations to ‘King’ Arthur, and a very young, extremely competent team!

The cost for the final will be £60.00, cheques made payable to SANA Youth International. Send to the address on the entry form.

A preliminary round will be held if required by a large number of entries. Should this be necessary, you will be notified and there will be an additional charge of £35.00.

Within the 2015 Scottish Youth Championship there are two competitions running concurrently. They are as follows;

The Scottish Youth National Fly Fishing Championship. The age criteria for this competition is that you must be under the age of 18yrs before August 1st 2015

2016 Youth International Team Selection; The age criteria for this competition is that you must be aged 13yrsor more, and under the age of 18yrs before August 1st 2016

You Must Supply a Boatman on the day you are drawn to be 1st in control of the boat.

Feel free to give us a call at Angling Active for further advice: 01786430400

This is brilliant! Great info on tippet sinking rates. by Peter Cockwill – Trout Fisherman

Here’s some findings in July’s Trout Fisherman by Peter Cockwill on the speed at which nylon, copolymer and fluorocarbon sink. The findings are revealing and what we’ve all wondered/wanted-proof-of, for a long time.

Thanks Peter Cockwill!

Trout Fisherman July

Click image to enlarge.


Plain Perseverance… who’d a thought it.

A Sutherland Salmon - River Shin licer after bending a Loop Cross S1 13'6 #9

A Sutherland Salmon – River Shin licer after bending a Loop Cross S1 13’6 #9

Salmon on the fly – I bet you’re thinking you’re doing it all wrong? It turns out that when the salmon are there, the fishing is allot easier than we think. Having the fly in the water and in front of the fish is almost as much as it takes. Thank goodness they are showing up in reasonable numbers in many systems, unfortunately not all – but we’re keeping this post positive.

A lovely Hen fish carefully released.

A lovely Hen fish carefully released.

Many anglers have had an embarrassing ‘day:catch’ ratio over the past couple of seasons for many reasons which have been covered in great detail in recent times. Standing in the river though, from the anglers perspective,  it becomes easy to overthink every fly change, fly speed, type & size of mend, fly movement, strength & type of leader material… Oh the list is endless, taunting you for hours, days, weeks and unfortunately months. But this season there are some fish in the rivers, and they are keen to take your offering completely oblivious to all of your tweaks, trials and fish whispering.

Chris Walking the walk

Chris Walking the walk

The Tay has had an exceptional season so far with cracking Springers consistently being recorded on FishPal. Some of the Highland rivers are doing better than average with the stand out river (via in-store rumours) being the Naver. West Coast rivers are providing some great fishing too i.e. the Awe.

Fruitful perseverance.

Fruitful perseverance.

Stop over thinking it and enjoy the fishing, do what you know best and it’ll happen, it’s just timing and luck.

Craig realises he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Craig realises he wasn’t doing anything wrong.



Free Prize Draw! July 2015

Free Prize Draw – Okuma Caymus Reel & Savage Gear Roadrunner XLNT2 Rod