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Free Penn Rampage Prize Draw

Free Prize Draw – Penn Rampage II Surf Beach Rod

“The Salt” – The UK Kilchoman Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival

Angling Active was so proud to be a part of the very first UK Kilchoman Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival. We were present for the long weekend supporting, contributing and filming this amazing festival.

Here is a short film made during the first UK Kilchoman Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival. Please have a look for reference on what will be available next year.


“With the favourable comments and observations from the commentary and from individual’s pieces to camera, we feel the film is going to generate a great deal of interest towards a bigger and better event next year.” – Derek Aunger – The Salt Advisor.

“Very much enjoyed watching it and it certainly brought back some fond memories. I am sure that viewers will be inspired to consider attending next years festival.” – Colin Macleod – The Salt Advisor.

“Absolutely brilliant! Thank you again so much for all the effort you have put in into making the film possible!” – Amelia Whitaker – The Salt Creator.


Steven McVean of Angling Active wins “The Salt”


The Sponsors and Organisers behind The Salt.

The Organisers mantra was very simple. “This will be a premium event, managed by professionals, where every single participant will have an amazing experience. It will be a prestige event with international credibility,  allowing  anglers to mingle, to share experiences, to learn and above all to make new friends, the fish being returned unhurt to the water with catch and release  all within a great atmosphere and against a backdrop of the stunning coastline of Cornwall.”


Saltwater flies, floating and intermediate lines.

Our take on the event was realising how accessible this discipline of fly fishing is around our coastline. There are hundreds if not thousands of miles of very fishy coastal waters all around us all over the UK and it is all “FREE”! All you need is pretty much the gear you have already and a bit of know how, and the coast is your “oyster”. Because of the noticeable shift to saltwater fly fishing in the UK, manufacturers are coming up with many saltwater friendly rods, reels etc for this market covering the different price points making it even more accessible to a huge number of potential anglers. We are of course supportive of any new market in angling, but this one has to be one of the most exciting shifts of the last few decades. Click here for some saltwater fly gear suggestions.


Clear water around St. Mawes, ideal for spotting fish.

Anglers of all abilities cannot fail to draw benefit from their participation as within the programme they can learn about wading, leader construction, tackle, flies and so much more. They can then put their watercraft into practice, seeking out the many species available from the shoreline. They can stalk the legendary Bass, experience the thrill of a Garfish on the fly, or be amazed by the fighting power of a Mackerel on light tackle. The competition area includes beaches, rocks, estuaries – there is endless variety. 


Steven tying up the Kilchoman Fly


First draft of the Kilchoman Salt Fly


Seabass fodder. This saltwater fly proved successful throughout the festival.

The Festival was a very special experience and the organisers have one heartfelt wish. They want those same anglers to come back to ‘The Salt’ year after year.



Austen Goldsmith’s “Zen 2” craft.


Pollack on the fly in shallow water!


UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2015 Winners

1. Overall Winner of The Salt 2015 for “greatest length of fish overall”

1) Steven McVean – Angling Active

2) Toby Coe
3) Martin Webster

Wins; 2 nights at Hotel Endsleigh in Devon and situated on the River Tamar.

2. LargestBassCaught

1) Martin Webster

2) William Neville

3) Steven McVean – Angling Active

Wins; Day out Sea Bass Fishing with Austen Goldsmith

3. Most length of sea bass Caught

1) Martin Webster
2) William Neville
3) Steven McVean – Angling Active

Wins; SNOWBEE GEO Rod and Reel.

4) Most species caught 3 species (mackerel, bass and pollack)

1) Steven McVean – Angling Active
2) Martin Webster
3) Blaede Russell

Wins; SNOWBEE Diamond rod And Reel.

A special mention and prize went to Blaede Russell (aged 18), our youngest competitor, who came fourth overall.

Wins = Day 0ut with Casting instructor Derek Aunger.


Garfish on the fly.


Amazing horizons around St. Mawes of Cornwall


Fishing saltwater during a sunset.

If you can make it, from the 15th and 18th September 2016 there is an abundance of things going on before the weekend festival competition on the Saturday and Sunday.


Champion of Champions 2015

Kenny welcoming briefing the cometitors.

Kenny welcoming and briefing the cometitors.

A great day had by all at the Champion of Champions Final on Friday 9th October 2015. The Lake of Menteith performed beautifully for the day providing a huge 474 fish totalling 992lbs caught!

Loch-end seemed to be the best area but fish were caught all over the lake.

The results were as follows:

Champion Results


Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone participating.


The Heaviest Fish Salver was won by Phil Hunter of Airdrie & District Angling Club and weighed in at 6lb 3.6oz

The heaviest fish Salver is competed on through the 13 evening heats, where again only the first 2 trout are kept. Then its on to Catch and Release.  It was won by Phil Hunter of Airdrie & District Angling Club and weighed in at 6lb 3.6oz


Bronze – Ronnie Gilbert


Silver – Derek Hessett


Gold – Stewart Barclay


Farewell Martin Grantham – 12 years of Angling Active sponsoring for Champion of Champions.

Fly Fest 2015 Day 1 of 2

Fly Fest is on this weekend. We visited today (Saturday), and its on again tomorrow(Sunday 4th October 2015)… An amazing location and a brilliant collection of fly tiers, tying materials, casting demos and oh yeah the biggest Imax screen we’ve ever seen playing brand new fishing movies! Plenty at the ‘Rheged Centre’ for the whole family, shops, soft-play and outdoor play park. On top of all that – Half price tickets – only £5 entry into the event itself.

Scottish Club Championship 2015 Results & Report.

On Friday the 25th September the final of the Scottish Club Championship 2015 took place at the Lake of Menteith. A bright day threatened making fishing tough, but against the odds a great set of results were had by most.

Winners Neilston"B" Team with Andrew MacDougal from Angling Active

Winners Neilston”B” Team with Andrew MacDougal from Angling Active

Our representative Andy MacDougal was at the dinner/award ceremony presenting the prizes and left very pleased that our sponsorship at Angling Active has helped so much and also that the raffle managed to raise a fabulous £360 for the Yorkhill Children’s Charity ( http://www.yorkhill.org ). Well done all!


1st Place

Neilston FF “B” Team

Brian Mackenzie, Tom Burnett and James Lister (team top rod).

24 trout for 49lb 13.2oz

2nd Place

Menteith Ospreys Team

Peter Auchterlonie (team top rod), Ronnie Gilbert and George Whyte

22 trout for 45lb 9.2oz

3rd Place

Change FF ACC “A” Team

Kevin McCabe, Jock Kettles (team top rod) and Andy Dunn

21 trout for 42lb 12.8oz

The flies that proved successful for the day were fabs, cat boobys & cormorants. (Click to see these on our website).

The successful lines were medium sink and slow and fast glass lines. (Click to see these on our website).

Here is the report from the Lake of Menteith which goes into further depth:

Scottich Clubs

Well done Scotland Team – International Fly Fishing Autumn Match Results.

International Fly Fishing Association - Autumn Match. Page 1

International Fly Fishing Association – Autumn Match. Page 1


International Fly Fishing Association - Autumn Match. Page 2

International Fly Fishing Association – Autumn Match. Page 2

International Fly Fishing Association - Autumn Match. Page 3

International Fly Fishing Association – Autumn Match. Page 3

International Fly Fishing Association - Autumn Match. Page 4

International Fly Fishing Association – Autumn Match. Page 4

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