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Customer Catch – Keith Again with a Fabulous Pike.


Keith’s recent catch on deadbait tactics.

Regular customer Keith is having a great time on the pike at the moment. We like to think we can offer advice to anglers on pike angling across lure, deadbait and fly, but when Keith is in store we turn our ears on. The proof is in the pudding and here he is with a cracking fish.


Another pic of the same fish – What a cracker!

“Last week I had another big pike, it scaled at 26.02 lbs. I know it doesn’t really look that size but it was, the girth on it was huge and the photos didn’t do the fish justice. Taken on one of your blueys. Had another run while I was playing this one, a jack of about 2-3 lbs. Think Ryan will want to see this one as well. Keith.”

Free Prize Draw – DAIWA WHISKER PIKE BAIT ROD rrp £150.00

Free Prize Draw – DAIWA WHISKER PIKE BAIT ROD rrp £150.00

October Fishing Prospects – Rivers Forth and Teith


Old Stirling Bridge – Photo: Stirling Council Fisheries

October Fishing Prospects – Rivers Forth and Teith

By Scott Mason – Stirling Council Fisheries Manager

As the salmon fishing season on the Rivers Forth and Teith draws to a close it can be the perfect time to head out to the water to enjoy some back end sport! The rivers banks of late have been fairly quiet but for some of the anglers who have put in the time they have been well rewarded with some tremendous back end fish up to 20lb being caught on the Teith.


With temperatures starting to finally drop we are fully expecting catches to increase. As the season now encroaches into October fish are starting to become territorial and more aggressive. Taking all this into account and spinning is your game then your best chance of catching these back end beauties in the colder water is by using vision 110 style lures or if the water is coloured then a copper toby won’t go wrong. If fly fishing is what you prefer then bigger and heavier tubes can be very productive, red has always been a popular and productive back end colour. Flies like Snaelda have been proving very popular with anglers and fish throughout other parts of the country this autumn.

Suggested Salmon Items for October

There is still time for you to purchase a permit and fish for the remaining 20 days of the season. During the months of September and October only season permits are available meaning the broken down cost of fishing the last 20days of the season would be no more than £22.00 per day. In terms of salmon fishing in October that figure sounds very reasonable and permits are still available from all in store outlets.

Residents Season Permits Roving Permits
Adult (3 tags) £200 £296
Juvenile (12-16yrs) (1 tag) £10 £15
Concession £148 £221
Up to 3 named Children (up to 16yrs) on Adult Ticket £5 £5

Visitor Season Permit Prices
(Not permanently resident in Stirling Council area)

Visitors Season Permits Roving Permits
Adult (3 tags) £289 £429
Juvenile (12-16yrs) (1 tag) £10 £15
Concession £226 £342
Up to 3 named Children (up to 16yrs) on Adult Ticket £5 £5

Day Permit Prices

(1st February – 31st August only. Catch and Release only.)

Day Permits (Catch & Release) Adult Child
1 Day Ticket £30 £5 (acc by adult)

Fly Fest 2016 Video

A huge success for Fly Fest 2016. We can’t thank the organisers enough for a great weekend and giving us the opportunity to be behind the October 2016 Fly Fest. We can’t wait for the Scottish Fly Fest in Spring 2017! Stay tuned here: http://flyfest.org/scotland.html

SANACC Scottish Club Championships Final 2016 – The Lake of Menteith.

The 2016 final of the SANACC Scottish Club Championships were held on the on 30/9/16. The cancellation of the boats on the previous day due to high winds seemed to have given the fish a rest and the fishery was on top form for the competition.

The weather was much kinder than earlier in the week and the fish were found close to the surface.


2016 Winners Tartan Tyers, Barry Tindell, Shane Kelly and Alan Steven – Paul Barr Photography

The 2016 winners were Tartan Tyers made up of Shane Kelly, Barry Tindell and Alan Steven. They caught a total of 40 fish for a weight of 81lbs 10.9ozs, (each angler in the competition only weighed in 2 fish with each fish returned being awarded 2lbs). Shane Kelly had the best individual catch with 21 fish for 43lbs.

2nd place were the consistent Lintrathen FF “A” team comprised of Neil Anderson, Chris McAllister and Kevin Neri. They landed 38 fish for a total weight of 79lbs 12.7ozs.


David Bertram and Jimmy McBride of Heriot AC – Paul Barr Photography

3rd place went to Heriot AC with 37 fish for a total of 77lbs 13.6ozs. Their team was made up of Jimmy McBride, David Tyrie and David Bertram.
Many of the teams kindly donated their prize money back to Yorkhill Childrens Hospital, the nominated charity for the competition in 2016.
Thanks to all of the anglers who competed during the year and to the committee, particularly Kenny Miller as he is soon to be standing down as Secretary of the Scottish Club Championships.


Paul Barr Photography


Paul Barr Photography


Kenny Miller – Paul Barr Photography

The top three teams were awarded medals and prizes by Kenny Miller. These included cash prizes, Famous Angler Whisky, fly tying materials from Fly Tying Scotland and prizes from the fishery.



Words: The Lake of Menteith


Images: Paul Barr Photography

2016 – Kilchoman UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival, “The Salt”



Typical Bass Territory

Another very exciting  “The Salt” festival took place in iconic Cornish town – St. Mawes over the weekend of 16-18 September 2016. Angling Active were there to support the 3 day event, defend Steven Mcvean’s title of winner last year, and film the best bits. Here is the showreel of the Kilchoman UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival shot by Angling Active and sponsored by the likes of Simms, Costa and Scierra. Kilchoman Distillery were huge supporters of the filming too!

Upon arrival into St. Mawes, the conditions were favourable, with mild and dry days ahead.  Timed on the calendar to catch the best of the Spring tides, the event kicked off with a sunset drinks reception on Thursday 15th September at the absolutely stunning Hotel Tresanton overhanging the bay. The evening welcomed everyone and introduced the people behind the event including a tipple from the lead sponsor Kilchoman Distillery.


Hayle Beach with Colin Macleod

Despite the strong NorWester toying with the organisers minds, a comprehensive workshop held by Colin Macleod took place at Hayle Beach. The workshop at Hayle explained what to look out for around the UK in order to target Golden Grey Mullet and there was additional information to target thin lipped mullet, and the more common thick lipped variety too in very different circumstances. The beauty however with St. Mawes as a venue is there is always somewhere to go out of the wind. Colin’s findings are very interesting, and the latest developments about algae has come as quite a surprise to those in the know regarding fly fishing for mullet.


Steven with a Thick Lipped Mullet taken on a Diawl Bach

Watch this masterclass film of Colin in order to learn from beginner to seriously experienced, how to target mullet successfully.

Nick Mackrory of Bass-Go-Deeper (http://www.bassgodeeper.net) was also at the festival as a sponsor/supporter. Being a local born and raised fisherman of Cornwall he is a perfect fit to get in behind this fledgling festival that is building momentum . Nick’s charter vessel, ‘Fulmar’ took several anglers out over the weekend to target bass locally over some of the reefs showing just how many bass are around by the looks of the sonar. Nick is a strong advocate for salt water fly fishing and says the bass on the fly in Cornwall is just as good as the very well known West Coast fishery of Ireland! Learn what to look for and how to target bass on the fly by watching the 3rd and final episode here:

This Year’s SALT Winners;

Overall Winner  of  The Kilchoman Shield and The Field Trophy; Neville Broad.

Longest Fish;   Stephen Mcvean  50 cm garfish ( David WCD’s bass was caught outside of the competition so did not count in the final results )

Fish caught closest to St Mawes Harbour; St Mawes Harbour Trophy  Chas Murphy.

Biggest Bass Award ; Martin Webster ( 30 cms  )

Most Species Caught Award; Stephen Mcvean  ( Garfish, Bass, Pollack and Mackerel)

A total of 47 fish were caught by 16 competitors over the one and a half days of competition.

We are already looking to use what we have learned from these 2 experts in their fields next year at the festival again, but what’s even more exciting is that there are mullet and bass all around the UK coastlines. Do a bit of research and you’ll find your closest spot. Good luck, and be sure to tag us or even send your pics in of your adventures.

21st to 24th September 2017 – Book your tickets here:

PS the goody bag alone this year was worth more than the festival entry fee!




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