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This is brilliant! Great info on tippet sinking rates. by Peter Cockwill – Trout Fisherman

Here’s some findings in July’s Trout Fisherman by Peter Cockwill on the speed at which nylon, copolymer and fluorocarbon sink. The findings are revealing and what we’ve all wondered/wanted-proof-of, for a long time.

Thanks Peter Cockwill!

Trout Fisherman July

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Plain Perseverance… who’d a thought it.

A Sutherland Salmon - River Shin licer after bending a Loop Cross S1 13'6 #9

A Sutherland Salmon – River Shin licer after bending a Loop Cross S1 13’6 #9

Salmon on the fly – I bet you’re thinking you’re doing it all wrong? It turns out that when the salmon are there, the fishing is allot easier than we think. Having the fly in the water and in front of the fish is almost as much as it takes. Thank goodness they are showing up in reasonable numbers in many systems, unfortunately not all – but we’re keeping this post positive.

A lovely Hen fish carefully released.

A lovely Hen fish carefully released.

Many anglers have had an embarrassing ‘day:catch’ ratio over the past couple of seasons for many reasons which have been covered in great detail in recent times. Standing in the river though, from the anglers perspective,  it becomes easy to overthink every fly change, fly speed, type & size of mend, fly movement, strength & type of leader material… Oh the list is endless, taunting you for hours, days, weeks and unfortunately months. But this season there are some fish in the rivers, and they are keen to take your offering completely oblivious to all of your tweaks, trials and fish whispering.

Chris Walking the walk

Chris Walking the walk

The Tay has had an exceptional season so far with cracking Springers consistently being recorded on FishPal. Some of the Highland rivers are doing better than average with the stand out river (via in-store rumours) being the Naver. West Coast rivers are providing some great fishing too i.e. the Awe.

Fruitful perseverance.

Fruitful perseverance.

Stop over thinking it and enjoy the fishing, do what you know best and it’ll happen, it’s just timing and luck.

Craig realises he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Craig realises he wasn’t doing anything wrong.



Free Prize Draw! July 2015

Free Prize Draw – Okuma Caymus Reel & Savage Gear Roadrunner XLNT2 Rod

Ladies win at Grafham

ladies trophies 2015


Scottish Ladies International Fly Fishing Team wins ‘Gold’ for the second year in a row.


(Supplied by Dione of the Scottish Ladies Fly Fishing Team. Many thanks Dione for keeping us in the loop!)

After an extended period of unsettled and windy weather disrupted the allocated practise period, the Scottish Ladies International Fly Fishing Team won a notable Gold Medal for the second year running at the Ladies Home International Match on Grafham Water (England) on June 4th. Conditions varied widely with and overnight 180 degree wind change to the SE, bright sunshine and nary a ripple in the morning of the match day, to be replaced by a rolling wave by mid- afternoon making fishing very difficult. Lumps of suspended algae added to the adverse conditions however, this cleared as the wind increased until a chalky slick suddenly materialised on the favoured morning drift from G Buoy to Pylon Point. In the afternoon, most competitors moved to the more sheltered Valley Creek/Lodge Bank drift which proved very productive. The challenging conditions resulted in low catches for all teams as the fish went deep.

In a total ‘Catch and Release’ match, the results were;

1st Scotland with 21 fish for 1548 Points.

2nd Wales with 17 fish for 1314 points.

3rd England with 16 fish for 1220 points.

4th Ireland with 13 fish for 984 points.

Dione Roberts (Scotland ) Brown bowl winner

Buzzer fishing has been outstanding on Scotland’s fisheries this year and the team adopted this method which resulted in Scotland’s Ladies success. Under the management of Alan Hill, with Anne Boyce as Captain, the team has worked extremely hard for this result. With those who went to Grafham for the pre-match visit in May all catching fish on the day, including top rod Dione Roberts (Scotland) with 7 fish for 511 points. Rhian Taylor (Wales) came second with 6 fish for 469 points and third overall and second placed Scottish rod was Morag Wallace (Scotland) with 6 fish for 447 points.

ladies formal

The Scottish Ladies International Fly Fishing Team would like to thank all their supporters including Flybox, Angling Active (Stirling), J&GCrafts, The Working Wardrobe, and to all the fisheries who have offered their facilities for fundraising events.



2015 River international – Win for Ireland.

International River Liffey Competition Results 2015


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Remembering Vic Kielarsky (Wee Vic).

We can now confirm that Vic’s funeral will be held at Falkirk Crematorium on 29-6-15 at 1.45pm with the Wake at the Cladhan Falkirk.

It is with great sadness that Angling Active confirms that Vic Kielarsky ( Wee Vic ), one of our founder members of staff, has lost his long running fight with cancer.  He eventually died peacefully under the care  Strathcarron Hospice on Saturday 20th June –  7 days before his 56th birthday.  He may have been short in stature but he had a big heart, a hugely welcoming personality and left a pretty big footprint with the sales team.
Funeral arrangements will be announced in due course but anybody wishing to support the fantastic work of Strathcarron Hospice can leave a donation in the shop.

– The Team at Angling Active.