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Teith & Forth Stirling Council Fisheries Report 2016

The Fisheries Officer, Scott Mason, has provided us with a report of the Forth and Teith rivers.   River Forth/Teith Report – 25th May 2016 “The River Forth has started to produce some more notable catches, during last week (w/c 16/05/16) there was 5 fish reported from the Forth in Stirling. These were caught by a mixture of fly fishing and spinning. Anglers reported to see fresh fish running the beat every day last week.
Chris McQuillian with his 40" fish caught on Vision 110

Chris McQuillian with his 40″ fish caught on Vision 110

  This week has also started off well on both the Forth and the Teith. On Monday 23rd May we had 2 sea liced fish reported from the River Forth in Stirling and a fish of over 40″ reported from the River Teith in Callander caught on a vision 110. The most prolific areas just now on the Forth are the dyke’s pool and also the trap and on the Teith in Callander the car park stream has fished exceptionally well this year.   The rivers are still quiet in terms of how many anglers are out and about each day so we are very happy that we are still sustaining catches. There is still lots of availability through the next few weeks.   The tides are very good just now with one early morning and the other one later at night meaning anglers can fish both tides and miss the hottest and brightest part of the day.” Permits are available online from FishPal Forth/Teith online Booking or in store at Angling Active – Contact us..

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Free Prize Draw – Fin-Nor Offshore Fixed Spool Spinning Reel worth £166.00

River Forth & Teith Fishing Report.

The Fisheries Officer, Scott Mason, has provided us with a report of the Forth and Teith rivers.
Angling Active on the Meetings of Teith & Forth rivers.

Angling Active on the Meetings of Teith & Forth rivers.

River Forth/Teith Report.   The River Teith got a rise in water a couple of weeks ago which allowed fish to enter the beat without any issues, this provided some good sport for participating anglers. As temperatures rose water levels dropped but this did not stop the fish catches as last week we had 4 fish reported to be caught at Callander. 1 of these was caught from the Geisher on the fly and 3 from the stretch at the Meadows Car Park spinning, all these fish were reported to be sea liced. As water levels have been dropping and the water is warming up over the last week our regular sea trout anglers have made an appearance on the river.   The River Forth has benefited from this dropping water as last week (02/05) the beat averaged over 1 fish per day and these were caught on a mixture of tactics. This week (09/05) started off well again as we had another fish caught on Monday morning.   The most notable of the catches over the last 2 weeks has to be the day permit angler who spent 1 day on the River Teith and landed his first ever salmon and a few cast later landed another one. The same angler spent his 2nd day fishing the River Forth and managed to land his third salmon in 2days.   Prospects With sea trout now being seen in the system and river levels dropping and the rivers warming up I am expecting these to start getting caught in decent numbers fairly soon. With the forecast to be dry and warm for around the next 7days the best chance of picking up fish would be fishing earlier in the morning or later at night once the sun has dropped. The tides work out very well over the next 7days. Permits are available online from FishPal Forth/Teith online Booking or in store at Angling Active – Contact us.. Here is the Teith opening series featuring Scott Mason and Ray Mears amongst others.

#AskAnAngler Series – Your questions answered by the Professionals

This is a new mini Youtube series inviting you to ask professionals from all over the UK about your fishing queries. You can ask a question on FishPal or Angling Active Facebook and Twitter pages by including the hashtag #AskAnAngler. Click the video below to watch the episodes from the start, or click here to choose which episodes you’d like to watch.

Video: New Caledonia Fly Company Salmon Range 2016 at Stanley.

headerbg125a April 2016: We took a trip to Stanley to see Bob White on the River Tay. Bob is responsible for 4 beats on the lower Tay being Catholes, Pitlochrie, Benchil and Luncarty. Bob is also the author of the Tay Pages which is an informative and addictive blog that satisfies those looking for that extra bit of Ghillie “know-how” in preparation for their outings.
Caledonia Fly Company’s Malcom Anderson introduces the company, the ethos behind the brand, and he touches on the newest range of Salmon flies available for 2016. These include some variations of old favourites and some completely new patterns like the “Lady Meikleour”  


  Watch this video and discover how much goes in to the flies that we stock at Angling Active. Not only does the Caledonia Fly Company provide Salmon flies, but also it design and ties flies for every other fish that can be caught on the fly. “You name it, we tie it.” Check out the new 2016 salmon range here

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Free Prize Draw – Greys GR70 10' #7 Fly Rod with Platinum WF7F line worth £309.98

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